Product Wishlist

On board memory for recording usage (4)
Sense as a Device Itself (3)
Per-device Timeline (and/or a timeline filter option) (1)
Solar sense question (6)
Track Use by Phase (5)
Backup Power Capacitor (4)
Can Power Factor of devices be determined? (2)
More advanced custom alerts (5)
"Mystery XYZ found" email (4)
Rating popup getting annoying (10)
Arbitrary device groups (3)
Community wish list (2)
Parallel feed into two panels + Solar (12)
Remote monitor to subtract 'noise' (6)
Threshold notifications (4)
Week View Should Start on Sunday (15)
Merge drill down or roll up (2)
Mark a device no longer used (2)
ITTT enhancement (2)
Usage & Trend Averages (5)
Solar Sizing (2)
Question about Solar production numbers (13)
Tiered Billing (6)
App update - solar tab (3)
As part of the detecting appliance issues... also detect this case (2)
Display Sense Unit Temperature (4)
Report that a device in the timeline was never on (2)
Curated Wish List (7)
Detect device cycles instead of just ON and OFF (5)
Show which devices is on from a [merged] group (2)