Product Wishlist

Curated Wish List (7)
Website Access to Data (5)
Detect device cycles instead of just ON and OFF (5)
Show which devices is on from a [merged] group (2)
Link Multiple SENSE units (5)
Colors in usage chart (1)
Merging devices timeline (4)
Energy Cost wipes out kWh (7)
2 identical AC units (2)
Link device to breaker number (2)
Wasteful usage Forecasting & Alerts (Away/sleep mode) (6)
"Works with Nest" Integration (7)
Special notification sound for each device (3)
Feature request: Weather overlay over usage graph (8)
Alert Sense to Specific Device for detection (5)
Multiple Users (5)
Device Detection toolkit (3)
Billing Cycle Support in Trending (11)
Electric bill sync (8)
Widget (Android app) (3)
Apple Watch App (2)
Ability to Change Usernames and Email Addresses (2)
Link to this Forum on App (4)
Different triggers for IFTTT (4)
Net Meters — Massachusetts (6)
Alert if [device] completes N cycles in N minutes (3)
Insteon / x10 / nest integration (4)
Peak Power consumption (1)
Delta Watts (1)
Device hunter Game:) (2)