1/10 Second Power Outage = Sense Offline


Had a quick power outage again on Sunday 9/24 just before 9 AM. Didn’t check sense until just now and it’s been offline since that power blip. Looks like the AP did get power cycled this time.

Should I not have received notification that it was offline or did that feature not come until 9/25?


@KHouse75, that feature wasn’t released until the morning of 9/25 so you wouldn’t have gotten a notification if the outage was before then.


We had a freak (for Georgia) snowstorm come through last Friday night and had lots of intermittent power service issues (enough to make the UPS beep a few times, but not enough to have the TV, roku, oven, microwave, or anything else with a capacitor reboot).

Each and every time the power fluctuated, the sense unit went offline (at least 6 times). Where does this issue stand with engineering? Is there a possibility of an external power source? Battery? Capacitor on the power input? Power over ethernet (or ethernet in general)? This unit continues to demonstrate that it’s a really neat toy but just not reliable enough to be used in any serious installation.