1/10 Second Power Outage = Sense Offline


Had a quick power outage again on Sunday 9/24 just before 9 AM. Didn’t check sense until just now and it’s been offline since that power blip. Looks like the AP did get power cycled this time.

Should I not have received notification that it was offline or did that feature not come until 9/25?


@KHouse75, that feature wasn’t released until the morning of 9/25 so you wouldn’t have gotten a notification if the outage was before then.


We had a freak (for Georgia) snowstorm come through last Friday night and had lots of intermittent power service issues (enough to make the UPS beep a few times, but not enough to have the TV, roku, oven, microwave, or anything else with a capacitor reboot).

Each and every time the power fluctuated, the sense unit went offline (at least 6 times). Where does this issue stand with engineering? Is there a possibility of an external power source? Battery? Capacitor on the power input? Power over ethernet (or ethernet in general)? This unit continues to demonstrate that it’s a really neat toy but just not reliable enough to be used in any serious installation.



Any updates on this issue? I can now confirm that the “device offline” notification is working, as my Sense monitor crashed twice yesterday during the windstorm that affected us in the northeast. We had about five power drops lasting from ~200ms to 2 seconds before we lost power entirely. Sense went offline after two of them. I had to turn the breaker off and back on to bring it back to life. Is there no hardware watchdog in this thing??


Hey @pswired - sorry about this! Hope you faired ok in that Nor’easter.

These kind of brownout and power outage conditions are still a known issue without a simple solution unfortunately. The hard reset you mentioned is the best workaround. Hopefully this doesn’t happy too frequently for you, but if you are in an area that frequently experiences brownouts or outages, please reach out to the support team to see if they may be able to offer some additional workarounds.

So sorry for the troubles!


Thanks, Brad. I don’t have frequent power outages, so this isn’t a major problem for me, but I am away from home a lot, and one of the major benefits I get from Sense is the ability to remotely keep an eye on important devices like my furnace and sump pump. I can’t do this if it’s gone offline from a power blip.

Also, all of my wireless APs, my router, and ISP equipment is battery-backed, so in my case there shouldn’t be any networking issues regardless of what the utility power is up to. I have a fiber-based primary ISP and satellite backup, so there should be no link between utility outages and ISP failures.


You’re right, the problem is on us to think about some future solution that can offer battery backup, or a juicy capacitor to help bridge the gap during very quick power outages. There have been some great suggestions here. Unfortunately, we have some customers with really nasty power situations where they experience brownouts every day, and their Sense has a hard time recovering. They are understandably pretty frustrated. Best case is actually a full power outage that gives Sense a chance to restart from scratch.

We’ll be sure to update this thread as we learn more, and thanks for everyone’s patience in the meantime!