Dual breaker boxes



Just installed Sense, first time poster.

My house has two 200A breaker boxes with separate feeds from the meter. One holds all of my 240V items like heat pumps, water heaters, etc. The other is the usual household 110 circuits. I elected to install the sense in the second panel because it is probably the most interesting, but I am very interested in what goes on in the other half as well. So, question:

  1. Is there a way to get a second set of leads so I can monitor this half? Or do I need a second Sense?
  2. If I got a second Sense, is the app smart enough to know that my house has two Sense devices?

Kind of bummed to discover this but still hopeful I can learn some things.


You are going to need a second Sense unit and another Sense account. Currently the Sense app does not support more than one unit, although there have been several request for multiple unit support.


1agkirk2 is correct. Unfortunately right now you would need two Sense accounts to track two different monitors. We do have plans to add multi-monitor functionality, but that’s still at least a few months out.


I have have two 200 Amp breaker boxes and 2 sense units and 2 sense account. I would love to have both breaker boxes in one account.