First EV devices!



@dickensbill - I think thats a great idea to repurpose the solar sensor for measuring something else. I wonder how feasible it is. I might have to just try and see what happens.


Every minute take all of your data for that minute and best fit a line. Calculate the slope of that line. Record that slope for that minute. This reduces detection over an hour time frame to just 60 data points. Combined with load levels this should make detection pretty simple.


Sorry, meant my previous post to be a reply to you. lol


My take is that Sense team knows how to analyze and train against hundreds of features like the one you describe. But they had initially focused on instant on and off identification/detection, using millisecond long features. Now they are expanding to do after the fact identification using longer timeframe features. Seems like an intelligent progression, from millisecond signatures to hour long signatures.


I really like the idea of allowing the solar CTs to be used as a monitor for a single large/important load such as an EV. Especially since we’re willing to pay for the high margin additional hardware!


Yea, like my constant pressure (highly variable/proportional power) geothermal deep well that Sense can’t seem to discover/track. My solar system has its own excellent monitoring anyway.

Since Sense isn’t trying to break down the solar capture into components anyway, it would seem that this should be a simple software change….just make it a namable load rather than a fixed source.


What about people with both solar and an EV?? I’d guess that’s not an insignificant fraction of users with solar or EVs.

A third set of ports?


One could argue that Sense could include more than two current monitors, but the device hardware only supports two now. So, that would be a different device, not just a simple programming change.

Best of all would be Sense getting enough smarter so that it would work the way their vision (and marketing) call for it to. After a year, I’m not that optimistic, but I do see some recent customers having some success…hmmm.