Here's my sense story and why I returned the unit


I have a GMG. It’s right next to the corner of the house. I ended up putting an access point about 20 feet away from it and that AP can broadcast to the entire back yard for my phone or laptop.


A compounding problem is that the internet company support have no idea how to handle these problems, or they’re willfully complicit. When we were having trouble, they suggested… Faster internet speeds! Instead I did some learning, bought a second access point, and our problems have generally resolved.

/don’t trust your provider’s advice, seek the advice of someone with more experience and less financial incentive to screw you over.


It seems to me that a WIFI signal reading display in the settings /about sense would solve many questions if the signal was present and strong enough for proper operation. It might be nice to display the units MAC address also so one could identify it in the AP connection list. A little feedback is a good thing.


Brad, I have been installed about a month and so far detected gas water heater power vent, Microwave, Main kitchen fridge,Spa room wall heater, Coffee maker,Kegarator Fridge,
I can see my Mitsubishi Split heat pump / AC unit but it isn’t being detected. I noticed there is a 35W load every 15 seconds or so.(A nice little square wave running on the top of everything) I believe it is the rotation servo on my AXIS Q6045 MK II IP PTZ security camera. Is it possible that that activity could be masking the signature of other devices including my heat pump? I can disable it to test if you think it would help.