Link Multiple SENSE units


It would be nice to be able to link 2 SENSE units that are in the same home. I have a 400 Amp service to the house which is distributed between two, 200 Amp breaker panels. I have 2 SENSE units installed - each with its unique email / login. I have to log off one account and then log in to the other account in order to see all my devices. I imagine that this would make it more difficult for SENSE to discover my devices as, for example, I have my washing machines connected to one breaker panel and the dryers on the other.


I believe Ben at Sense said they have plans to link units in the future, but I don’t think its on the highest priority.


Your right @skunkpilot. It’s definitely on our road map for the future. We’d encourage everyone who would find this useful to “like” @neuronorm’s original post so we can keep an eye on it and make sure the development is prioritized accurately.



Please do this!!! I have two main panels in my home so my sense literally only reports 1/2 of my energy usage!!

I can PayPal you all for the second device immediately!!! :wink:


I’ve got 3 panels in my home - one sense installed and 2 more on the way. Eager to see consolidated reporting. Thanks!