Plug in watt meter


plug in watt meter for appliance for sense. tell sense what the meter is recording to help it learn a complex device then when it learns it you could move it to another device or put it in breaker box on individual breakers to
help identify loads on that breaker


I like this suggestion. This sounds like a reasonable request but I’m sure that it is at too simple a level for Sense to be able to incorporate the data. It is, what I consider a usable approach I will follow independently. For years I have used Kill-o-Watt meters to track power usage by appliance. Prior to Sense, I have added more & more wireless devices to better control my power usage. Now with Sense I am interested in IDing the devices in “Always On”. Currently I will incorporate new plug sensors that offer scheduled switching along with tracking power consumption, all under wireless control.

I also have a number of ‘noisy’ devices I want to track. I can get some good information from these new sensors but only the 110v devices.


Hi guys,
Question for you. If Sense were to build a wi-if connected plug-in watt meter that connects back to the Sense mothership, would you support a 250$ model that samples at the same rate as the Sense probe or a 50$ model that is essentially only useful for telling the Sense mothership whether a particular device is on or off, plus the steady state power levels associated with that device ? A full sampling model will have a much larger bill of materials and associated cost, but would be able to provide exact “ground truth” which would likely greatly speed machine learning.

I raise this question as it represents a likely trade off Sense would need to make. I personally am in favor of a “ground truth” model if it truly does speed learning of my devices.


@kevin1, I too would also be particularly interested in a device that would be able to uniquely ID the attached/isolated device and make it’s signature compatible with the Sense network. The sole intent would be to speed up learning of my devices. I anticipate that it would be available only for 110v devices but that could greatly improve the %ID of my devices; greatly reducing “Other” & “Always On” (Unknown). I can see it doing a lot to “combine” the various phases a device may have. The home has few hardwired devices on 110v; the furnace is the largest. Coordinating these device signatures with the Sense team, should improve their references library and allow more time for work in the 240v world; EV, AC, Stoves & ovens, etc.

As a consultant, I also have an ulterior motive. I am usually assisting with proprietary pilot operations. I would be interested in including a Sence monitor in each system but since it can’t identify specific users for almost 3-5 months, the pilot term would expire before the data was in. A “setup” monitor would pay for itself quickly and eliminate a number of other measurement devices.