Senses goes offline after turning on a specific appliance


I have heard about Sense unit going offline, usually because if a low WiFi signal. In my case I could reply the behavior every time I turned on a specific appliance (microwave). I already contacted support, but I was wondering if someone has experienced something similar.


Most microwave ovens will interfere with Wifi routers using the 2.4Ghz band and will cause wifi devices to drop out.

This is due, I believe, to an unfortunate overlap of WiFi frequencies and the frequencies used by microwave magnetrons.


Correct, we had another post about that a while back.

I found that casting music will also mess up the signal to the router…


Any options other than changing my microwave? :confused:


Sure - moving your router to somewhere closer to Sense :slight_smile:

Our microwave is in the center of the house, our router and Sense about 40’ away, but 20’ away from each other on one side of the house.


Bad luck for me, microwave sits exactly between Sense and router. Without a chance to move microwave because is a microwave/oven combo.


Could you put an access point closer to Sense so it doesn’t have to fight the microwave?


That’s what I had to do. I put an extender in my shed to connect with Sense and other Wi-Fi devices I have on my property. If you had an extra wireless router laying around you may be able turn it into a bridge and connect it right next to Sense.


How is this affected by the new mesh technology? I am considering replacing my two paired WiFi based stations (Apple) with mesh devices because I need the network range to extend farther (into the garage and basement) than it was originally designed to work.


You don’t mention if you installed the external wifi antenna, but that, and changing its orientation could help. Sometimes you want it vertical, other times horizontal depending on the other equipment. Also, maybe a larger whip or moving it to the other side of the panel. Also, make sure it’s well connected. A loose antenna on the Sense would make it more sensitive.