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Firmware Update: Version 1.17.2232 [Firmware Updates] (2)
INVESTIGATING: Tesla Model 3 detection accuracy issues [Known Issues] (5)
Have any questions? Ask Sense! - April 2019 ( 2 ) [News & Announcements] (28)
Device Detection Major Update: Tesla Model 3 - 1/9/19 ( 2 ) [Device Detection Updates] (38)
What's new in v22: Philips Hue ( 2 3 4 ) [App Release Notes] (68)
What's new in Web App v4: Data Export ( 2 ) [App Release Notes] (33)
RESOLVED: Smart TV detection issues [Known Issues] (4)
Announcing: The New Monthly Email Report [App Release Notes] (1)
What's new in v23 and Web App v5.5: Smarts Plugs and Themes ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [App Release Notes] (100)
Firmware Update: Version 1.16.2203 [Firmware Updates] (2)
RESOLVED: TP-Link HS110 plugs showing as OFF in Sense but ON in Kasa app [Known Issues] (4)
Device Detection Major Update: Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicles - 12/20/2018 [Device Detection Updates] (13)
Device Detection Update: Device Updates! ( 2 ) [Device Detection Updates] (36)
Device Detection Major Update: Chevy Electric Vehicles - 10/11/18 ( 2 3 4 ) [Device Detection Updates] (61)
Follow for up-to-date reports on Sense services [Known Issues] (3)

You can find the most up-to-date information on Sense services at This information will also be automatically pushed to our @SenseStatus Twitter account.

Firmware Update: Version 1.15.2186 [Firmware Updates] (2)
RESOLVED: Help with Web App Not working properly [Known Issues] (9)
RESOLVED: Sense Testing push notification [Known Issues] (11)
My upcoming availability and a thank you [News & Announcements] (7)
RESOLVED: Is Data Export not available at the moment? [Known Issues] (9)
Will you be at CES 2019? Join us! [Community Events] (7)
What's new in v24: Google Assistant [App Release Notes] (11)
Year End Webcast - 12/21/2018 3-4pm ET [Community Events] (18)
Do you post on Reddit? Want to be a r/sense moderator? [News & Announcements] (2)
Firmware Update: Version 1.14.2119 [Firmware Updates] (2)
COMPLETE: Scheduled maintenance tonight 12/12/18, 9pm ET [News & Announcements] (2)
What's new in Web App v6: Device Merge [App Release Notes] (1)
RESOLVED: Sense no connecting to web socket [Known Issues] (7)
What's new in Web App v2: Power Meter [App Release Notes] (11)
Firmware Update: Version 1.13.2066 [Firmware Updates] (14)