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We’re dedicated to making Sense awesome. Here’s how we do that and how you can help. How we do it Providing you insight into your energy usage is the core of our product. Thus, improvements to device detection are our #…

Why can't you train Sense? [Product Wishlist] (6)

So why can’t you “train” Sense? We get this question a lot and on the surface it seems reasonable: Sense looks at the signature of devices in order to detect them consistently in your home, so it should follow that if yo…

Net usage for solar installs [Product Wishlist] (15)
EcoBee integration ( 2 ) [Product Wishlist] (21)
SmartThings Integration ( 2 ) [Product Wishlist] (35)
Integration for Home Automation ( 2 3 4 5 ) [Product Wishlist] (85)
When will 2 sense device work together ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ) [Product Wishlist] (157)
Veiw Solar Meter independent of grid meter [Product Wishlist] (1)
Pre-populate some notifications [Product Wishlist] (2)
Graphs of Utility Voltage for detecting issues ( 2 ) [Product Wishlist] (23)
Time of use pricing ( 2 3 ) [Product Wishlist] (49)
Always on enhancement [Product Wishlist] (5)
Usage & Trend Averages [Product Wishlist] (5)
Echo and google home power [Product Wishlist] (9)
Alert frequent cycling [Product Wishlist] (3)
Siri Shortcuts [Product Wishlist] (7)
iDevices Energy Monitoring [Product Wishlist] (3)
Official API [Product Wishlist] (18)
Custom Integrations API [Product Wishlist] (3)
Integration with LIFX [Product Wishlist] (1)
Tiered Billing [Product Wishlist] (15)
Track Use by Phase ( 2 ) [Product Wishlist] (32)
What is normal usage? [Product Wishlist] (1)
Support for TP-Link HS300 Power Strip [Product Wishlist] (6)
Dual CT clamps for parallel feed [Product Wishlist] (5)
Wifi signal & AC line quality [Product Wishlist] (9)
Network Signal Strength Indication [Product Wishlist] (4)
Uptime and Wifi Details [Product Wishlist] (3)
Lutron Caseta Dimmer integration [Product Wishlist] (2)
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