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How to Submit a Feature Request [Product Wishlist] (3)

We’re dedicated to making Sense awesome. Here’s how we do that and how you can help. How we do it Providing you insight into your energy usage is the core of our product. Thus, improvements to device detection are our #…

Why can't you train Sense? [Product Wishlist] (6)

So why can’t you “train” Sense? We get this question a lot and on the surface it seems reasonable: Sense looks at the signature of devices in order to detect them consistently in your home, so it should follow that if yo…

Join the Beta group! [Product Wishlist] (4)

Do you want to help us build a better Sense and be the first to know about upcoming features? Are you willing to share your feedback on these new features? Are you willing to use a program that is in beta and may not wo…

Include time zone in data export [Product Wishlist] (5)
Track Use by Phase ( 2 ) [Product Wishlist] (24)
Sense needs larger gauge wire to connect to breaker [Product Wishlist] (3)
Report total consumption from each side of breaker box separately [Product Wishlist] (3)
Detection\Sense Analytics [Product Wishlist] (1)
When will 2 sense device work together ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ) [Product Wishlist] (142)
SmartThings Integration [Product Wishlist] (19)
Beta for the sensitive... err chosen ones [Product Wishlist] (8)
Smart Integration with ISY / Insteon / zWave [Product Wishlist] (7)
Rank devices by usage [Product Wishlist] (2)
Floating neutral alert [Product Wishlist] (13)
(oh..) ..the agony (Device not on button) [Product Wishlist] (18)
400 amp 2 mains see both on one account! [Product Wishlist] (3)
User interface - device identification [Product Wishlist] (3)
We should be able to TRAIN this! ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) [Product Wishlist] (120)
Add more CTs [Product Wishlist] (3)
Official REST API [Product Wishlist] (13)
Dual CT clamps for parallel feed [Product Wishlist] (2)
Add 'Other' Category into Data Exports [Product Wishlist] (1)
Work with thermostat, Amplifier and other network device vendors to get NDI working on their devices [Product Wishlist] (3)
Public Device List/Database [Product Wishlist] (1)
Product Roadmap or Priority List [Product Wishlist] (10)
New Device Notification time [Product Wishlist] (1)
EcoBee integration [Product Wishlist] (15)
Timeline time stamps: Hours, Minutes, Seconds hh:mm:ss [Product Wishlist] (1)
Lock a device signature [Product Wishlist] (10)
Usage Meter [Product Wishlist] (6)