Product Wishlist

Rank devices by usage [Product Wishlist] (2)
Floating neutral alert [Product Wishlist] (13)
(oh..) ..the agony (Device not on button) [Product Wishlist] (18)
400 amp 2 mains see both on one account! [Product Wishlist] (3)
We should be able to TRAIN this! ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) [Product Wishlist] (120)
User interface - device identification [Product Wishlist] (3)
Add more CTs [Product Wishlist] (3)
Official REST API [Product Wishlist] (13)
Dual CT clamps for parallel feed [Product Wishlist] (2)
Add 'Other' Category into Data Exports [Product Wishlist] (1)
Work with thermostat, Amplifier and other network device vendors to get NDI working on their devices [Product Wishlist] (3)
Public Device List/Database [Product Wishlist] (1)
Product Roadmap or Priority List [Product Wishlist] (10)
New Device Notification time [Product Wishlist] (1)
Timeline time stamps: Hours, Minutes, Seconds hh:mm:ss [Product Wishlist] (1)
Lock a device signature [Product Wishlist] (10)
Usage Meter [Product Wishlist] (6)
IFTTT trigger for consumption threshold [Product Wishlist] (4)
Siri Shortcuts [Product Wishlist] (4)
GOOGLE Home integration [Product Wishlist] (3)
Other hubs [Product Wishlist] (1)
Different price for selling solar back to grid [Product Wishlist] (5)
Amp Meter Monitor [Product Wishlist] (7)
Aggregated net usage by period [Product Wishlist] (9)
Breaker trips [Product Wishlist] (1)
Solar Export trend? [Product Wishlist] (4)
Display total energy usage and production and outdoor temperature on Now tab (for app) and Home page (for web) [Product Wishlist] (14)
Display average outside temperature (based on installation geolocation) to app [Product Wishlist] (1)
Add support for optional second clamps [Product Wishlist] (5)
The other half of a 240V device showed up. Please make this easier to identify in the app [Product Wishlist] (1)