Product Wishlist

New Stickers (4)
240 V Device Detection (2)
Possible to setup alerts when power usage goes over a specified amount (2)
Improve printed installation instructions (2)
Timeline device identification (3)
Negative Solar Bubble when the sun is down (7)
Insteon / x10 / nest integration (6)
Billing Cycle Support in Trending (19)
Unusual activity alert (7)
Data Access via SNMP (2)
Gas usage meter to measure total energy usage (3)
Seasonal Goals (2)
Custom Events (2)
Threshold notifications (11)
Plug in watt meter (10)
Current time hack display on power meter (1)
Tiered Billing (9)
Kindle App or any way to sideload the Android app on the Kindle Fire (1)
Device trends is hard to see low power devices (1)
Garage Door Open Notification ( 2 ) (31)
400 amp 2 mains see both on one account! (1)
IFTTT on/off for x minutes (1)
Add new “minisplit” category under the heating and / or cooling options (2)
App display local to app timezone. Maybe (1)
Parallel feed into two panels + Solar (13)
Multi-color "Now" chart with shading under the curve based on device (2)
Track Use by Phase (10)
Peak Power consumption (3)
Amp Meter Monitor (3)
Please add "Boiler" and "Electric Baseboard" to heat category (1)