1/10 Second Power Outage = Sense Offline


I just had this happen and forgot to rest it yesterday so I lost almost 24 hours of data :(. I have a UPS on my modem and router so they should have been available the whole time.


Just to update here, I received my replacement a few weeks ago now on sm3, had my first brownout yesterday, and the new sense was happily humming along.


Another update from me: my new monitor was doing well for a while, then started going offline with increasing frequency, until finally it would stay offline more than online. I removed the TD-69 delay relay from the power path to the monitor and consequently cycled power to the unit. I have not had any problems since doing that. Either the TD-69 had failed, was not interacting properly with the monitor power supply, or the monitor just needed to be rebooted. I will continue keeping an eye on it.


My Sense is one year old and my UPS that powers the modem, router, and other computer gear has registered 200+ interruptions in the past year. So far I have not had to reset or give the Sense any attention (power resets) other than the addition of a hi gain WiFi antenna to improve the wifi signal levels. I live in a rural setting which increases the power outages but I don’t see interference or multiple wifi access points. Before I added the antenna I would see many offline and reconnecting messages but the data logs remained intact.