4 AC units?

So recently sense found four AC units… we have one. (Single stage compressor outside, air handler inside single stage blower, gas furnace aingle stage inside, rarely used this time of year, and we have a separate hepa whole house filter that steals air from inbound return, filters, and pushes back into the return line, which is a steady speed but only runs when the handler blower is running. The blower is set to run continuously for air circulation.

So I get that my blower plus hepa motor may be lumped into the always on category. I can’t figure out what the new four AC decide could be…

October usage:
AC 1, 49 kWh. No usage for past 4 days though?? Could this be tools from a patio remodel we have going on a few days a week outside? Lines up with when guy was here working.

AC 2, 1.7 kWh. Obviously not an AC, but perhaps when one of our motion sensor bathroom vent fans kick from low always on to motion high speed for 30 min?

AC 3, 61.9 kWh

AC 4, 75 kWh.

Thoughts? Also? If a device gets discovered, does historica usage that matches it get labeled retrospectively?

Use the merge device feature to combine them all together if you’re sure they’re all related to the HVAC system.

That’s just it, I haven’t a clue! If they all turned on and off together maybe as different legs of the 240v sure.

I had good correlation between my 2 AC units and the first two AC devices my Sense detected last fall after I did a data reset. But a year or so later I have accumulated 5 AC devices. The interesting bit is that all the Sense detected devices have some correlation with the actual running of my AC, just at different time in the year. I’m guessing my AC signatures look different in different seasons.

Here’s the thread that compares Sense AC devices against Ecobee hourly cooling runtimes.

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