Accuracy with 2 Senses


I have 2 separate Sense CT pairs on the SAME panel feeds.

Sense1 has been running for more than a year and seems to correlate, month-to-month, quite well with my provider metering.
Sense2 I just installed to “test” and I see a significant difference (so far) in the daily metered usage (of Sense1).

Drilling down to each monitor’s Voltage/Wattage I can see that relative to the “actual” voltages (using a Fluke 117) I have, approx:

SENSE1: X + 0.4V
SENSE2: X - 0.4V

Meanwhile these are the last 4 days usage:
37.3 46.1
30.3 37.7
31.2 35.2
34.8 40.6



Hmm…this is something we should look into. @ixu - would you mind if we looked into this more closely? If you could just send @RayshawnAtSense a private message here in the forum with the two email addresses you use for these accounts, he may be able to check in on things.

Thanks for calling this out!