Activity shown for device, but it doesn’t appear in Devices list

My Now screen’s sidebar shows “Studio A/C” turning on and off periodically, and that’s correct.
But when I go to the devices page, there’s no entry for “Studio A/C”.

When I click “Studio A/C turned on…” on the Now sidebar, I get a device page for it, but I cannot make any changes to Manage, or the name, or anything else. I mean, the screen lets me make changes but the Save button is grayed out.

Seems like a bug.

Studio A/C is not a name that would come from us. Do you remember ever naming something like that?

Oh yes, that’s what I named it.

Ah, ok. Something odd sounds like it’s going on. You should reach out to the Support team, as they can take a look at your data and see what might be causing it.