Add Daily Production and Consumption curves

It would be nice to have total consumption curves and solar production curves display. This would normally be for days, but also should be settable from starting dates to ending dates. (or possibly by squeezing or expanding the display). For daily values, it might be good to optionally allow setting starting time, rather than assuming midnight as the start of the day.

On the Now display, the daily consumption and production values could be displayed as well.

And just another previous request reminder, please put the voltage and power values for mains and solar, both left and right sides on the Now display as well, so we don’t have to go back and forth between screens to compare.

And be sure to display these values for the time displayed, in case you scroll to an earlier time, so you can see earlier values (which we can not currently see).

All of these choices should be optional settings that we can toggle on and off easily, not by stepping through the settings menu, but by having display check boxes for the Now Screen.

Also, perhaps it would be good to have a vertical start line (with time display) on the left side of the Now graph, similar to the right black vertical time line, so that range values can be calculated between the two vertical time lines.