Aggregated net usage by period

I’ll probably not explain this well but I’d love to see some sort of graph/table that breaks out usage by hour of the day accumulated for a week, month, etc.

The questions I’d like to answer are: What hours of the day am I using the most energy? And for me, having solar panels and PGE in CA, What is my net usage by hour of the day for the past month?

I have ETOU pricing from 3-8pm during the summer and want to see how that factors in to my bill. For example, say I am generating 2kW/hour and I have a device that uses 2kW/hour. If I use that device between 3-8 I pay nothing and generate no excess. If I use that device at 9pm, I pay 22 cents per kW hour so I pay 44 cents but during 3-8 I generate energy and the rate is 34 cents per kW so I have generated 68 cents for 1 hour and my usage later is 44 cents so I’m still up 24 cents in credits.

I’d like to be able to track this.


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I get what you’re saying. If you had an idea how commonly things were coming on at costly times, you could shift usage (by changing your ac or water heater parameters, for example).

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I’m also on PG&E with TOU and solar NEMs. Agree that it would be nice to see device and solar tallys in terms of TOU periods to get a better sense of cost tradeoffs. I actually built a calculator a while back that would read through my PG&E reports and summarize monthly billing period usage in each ToU regime. But it was more complicated than just looking at the time of day, because weekends and official PG&E holidays have a different ToU pricing schedule than weekdays. But I’m hoping Sense will do something like the table below for us, or make it easy for us to do. Two other things about the table below:

  1. It’s based on my personal PG&E billing schedule that is offset from the start of the month and varies in date from month to month
  2. The number of days in the billing period is also important for computing tiered pricing, since tiers are based on a daily power baseline (no, the 28.95 days is not wrong - there’s an easy-to understand reason for that weird value)

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This sort of cost tracking would be fantastic, but it’s pretty complex as you can imagine. I’ll pass your feedback onto the team!

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An alternative would be to support some sort of data export of my usage.


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And that is something we are definitely, actively working on. Since we are doing so, I should ask: what would you like to see from a data export feature? What sort of data would you want? What sort of timelines?

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I guess for me, I’d like to be able to export hourly usage and generation data for a range of dates:

date, time (hour), usage, generation

6/18/2018, 12, 1kW, 3kW
6/18/2018, 13, 2.3kW, 3.1kW

This would be huge for me. I’m sure others will want device data breakdowns but that does get ‘wordy’ in a file.


Just in case you didn’t catch the main thread: What’s new in Web App v4

Awesome! Thanks.