Alert for Aquarium Heater Failure

Our aquarium heater failed Saturday night. The signature is distinctive. See:

We discovered the failure about 36 hours later and hope are fish are still healthy.

It would be helpful if Sense could recognize this failure and alert us promptly.
Of course, the sense data team is welcome to study our data related to this.



A fridge I suppose is the opposite of a fish tank heater (!) but you could theoretically have used a notification like this:

(FYI: I have 2 alerts set for my fridge, which is on a smart plug, at 3 and 5 hours โ€œoffโ€).

A thermostatically controlled heater like you have is really asking for some additional notification options:

  • Alert me if my Aquarium switches on less than X times in 24hrs = cold fish (or somesuch).

  • Alert me if my Aquarium uses less more than X watts in 1hr = boiled fish potential (or somesuch).

I assume you have a thermometer on your tank?


Thanks! I added two such alerts, one for the fridge, and one for the aquarium heater.

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