All five kp115 smart plugs went offline according to Sense but are still really on

Yes, they all said N/A instead of ON/OFF.

This same issue happened to my parents and self-corrected after 24 hours before our team here could observe it occurring. I’d continue to share details with Support and keep an eye on it - my parents have not had this issue again since the first time it was resolved on it’s own.

Mine came back just as they were before loosing the connection…

Unfortunately Disabling/enabling is the integration is not a viable fix for this. It did exactly as I feared. All my KP115’s went offline again today. I tried Disabling/Enabling the integration. It did bring them all back online but lost all historical data and Sense info (standby thresholds, alerts, device details, etc). That was a pain putting that all in again. I’ll continue the run around the house unplugging and re-plugging them as the fix for now.

Thanks for sharing this, I should have specified in my response what data would be preserved vs. not preserved. I’ll double-check in the morning, but I think this is worth adding to the Smart Plug FAQ on in the future. Apologies for the inconvenience on reentering information on your end.

All good. I just didn’t want anyone else with KP115 issues to think deactivating the integration was a shortcut to getting them back online without consequences. Unplugging the KP115’s is the way, everything comes back as before. Now if Sense tech support could figure out why this keeps happening…

Just an update. This is still happening. Today 2 of the 5 KP115’s went dark at the same time (6PM). I just unplugged them and re-plugged them in 5 hours later and they are back now. Kinda makes these worthless. Is there any other smart plug that is more reliable with the Sense meter?

I have about 15 HS110s and they work very well. I just bought two KP115s. A bit hesitant because of this thread however they have been online since install last week.

You could look at the Wemo insight. I have one in my system.

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@Offthewall Have you reached out to TP-Link/Kasa Support? I’m curious if they’d be of help for you here (or replace the smart plugs if they don’t find anything.)

I just switched out all my networking gear from reliable, but old Apple & Netgear, to a full Ubiquiti setup. In doing so, I had to reconnect all my many HS110s, HS300s, and solitary KP115 to the new WiFi APs. As I was bringing up all the Kasa smart plugs, I noticed that all of them had a possible firmware upgrade. For the HS110s and KP115, it was v1.2.5 to v1.2.6. Since I have had rock-solid connectivity between my Kasa smart plugs and my Sense monitor for the past few months (including the KP115), I decided to forgo firmware upgrades on all but one of my HS110s, as an experiment. I don’t have a second KP115 so I can’t do a controlled experiment, but perhaps I’ll see a difference with the HS110. Will let folks know in a week or so.

I have not but since the KP115’s have zero issues with the Kasa app, only Sense, I don’t see how they could be of much help.

Interesting on the Firmware. When I installed all 5 of mine a couple of months ago, they all asked for a firmware update to 1.0.10. I just checked and 1.0.17 was offered for all 5. I updated. Let’s see if there is any difference…

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Just realized I was wrong on my KP115 firmware - version number is 1.07.

Again, will let you know if I see any communications issues with Sense monitor in the next week or so.


I’m about to give up on the KP115’s. They REALLY do not work well with Sense. It seems every few days all five KP115’s simultaneously become dead to Sense. They continue to work in the Kasa app as well as another third party app but not Sense. Only unplugging them and replugging them will make Sense see them again. I am the monitor now instead of the KP115/Sense doing the monitoring - ironic. Sense tech support has been silent in their responses for a couple of weeks after stating they needed to “investigate further”. Frustrated.

My speculation is that the core issue lies with the wireless infrastructure. Many wifi implementations either purposefully interfere or are unreliable with broadcast packets. It might be better if Sense offered a ptp mode for polling. The Kasa devices certainly support it.

FWIW, I have 5 of the KP115s and have had no issues. However my network is specifically configured to support broadcast. In their default config, my wifi ApPs (Unifi) would block broadcast packets.

Interesting. This problem has spanned two completely different WIFI systems I’ve had installed. I originally had a FIOS supplied router with three Apple Airport Extremes in AP only (bridge) mode, all three with Ethernet home runs back to the main switch. I have since switched to using the same FIOS router but now use a three unit Netgear Orbi WIFI 6 system in AP mode. The main unit connected via Ethernet, the two satellites via a dedicated 5GHz backhaul. The simultaneous dropping of all 5 KP115’s continues with either WIFI system every week or so.

Hmmm. I know the Orbi messes with the broadcasts. I returned an Orbi system a few years ago because I had similar Sense/TP-Link smartplug dropouts. But the incumbent system (not replaced) that did not suffer from dropouts was an all-Apple system similar to yours (4 basestations as APs with wired back haul). The only major difference is that I also used another Apple basestation as the router together with a unmanaged Netgear switch, instead of the ISPs integrated modem/router/switch combo.

The reason I replaced the Apple system after many years of reliable service was that it was dropping my smart light switches CONSTANTLY as soon as I started to exceed 50 or so total WIFI devices. The Orbi has been rock solid in that respect with over 80 connected devices (other than this continued Sense/KP115 issue). I forgot to mention that for a short period of time I had the Sense and the KP115’s alone on just the Verizon router’s WIFI (it’s normally off). The Sense/KP115 issue was happening with that setup as well. So I’m wondering if it’s something in the FIOS router itself?

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