Are Dropout inconsistencies across devices normal?

I’m having data drops for devices on a regular basis. What I’m not understanding is how there is a drop for two hours with device 1 and another for device 2 but they are not at the same time.
Looking at the power meter indicates no drops.
Is this pretty normal?

How do you define a one hour dropout for a device ? I’ve seen dropouts in the Power Meter history that are persistent and consistent drops to zero between all apps. If the Power Meter is reading power but your house devices appear to “drop out” in the Device Power Meter View, then it is more likely:

  • failed identifications for a previously identified device
  • or a different kind of network dropout if device is on a Smartplug. Likely too much in-house network traffic or the Sense monitor missing some broadcast responses.

Not quite the same as a Power Meter dropout.

![image|281x500](upload://gQaoXadVZIdpFBmV4Wv5FWtPkvY.jpeg)Here are screenshots from today.
The power meter and “other” have no drops. Freezer and heat pumps don’t match up and hot water pump was on all day today and also had zero.


I just went through notifications @kevin1 and you are correct for the heat pump at least. The two dropout periods were 7-9 am and 10-noon. There were not any on/off notifications during those times. But in the hours before and after there were. For whatever reason, the heat pump signatures weren’t recognized.
That’s odd because it’s very accurate and dependable.

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I usually look at the Device Power Meter instead of the Usage chart in Day mode (hourly resolution) because the Device Power Meter packs in a lot more information.

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I see how much better I can evaluate things now. I actually had to look at both the device power meter and the total meter in order to paint the picture in my mind. What appeared as big discrepancies were only at the device level and the fact that some detections are sometimes missed.
I had wondered how it would affect the totals for things like usage on the trends page. Where it has a total for KWH used on a specific day. I thought with blocks missing, the totals would be thrown way off. That is not the case. I get daily texts from the utility about previous days use. So far, Sense has been off by around 1-1.5 KWH each day. sense shows the use that 1 KWH higher than actual use. That is really close and if anything, my bill will be slightly lower.
I’m basing that on the totals they send me each day. I’m anxious to total all the texts for the month and compare to the actual bill.
Wouldn’t that be something if Senses estimates are more accurate?

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I’ve seen really good accuracy from Sense when comparing on an hour by hour basis with my utility, at least when I don’t have data dropouts or network issues. And Sense was able to detect an issue that was causing accuracy to degrade and rectify it, without even seeing the comparison against my utility.

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