Billing Cycle Support in Trending


I haven’t found a way to do this, so I’m posting under Product Wishlist. If someone knows of a way to do this today, please share.

Trends would be more relevant if there was the ability to show a “Month” based on your specific billing cycle which may or may not align with a calendar month.


I asked for a similar thing too … linking just to keep them together.


I totally agree. My goal of owning Sense is to reconcile my electric bill and understand why it is so how compared to my neighbors. This is a critical feature for me.


+1 - great idea


I would love to see this feature too.
ComEd in Chicago is also installing smart meters, I would now be extremely curious.


I have two complete months logged now, December and January, my power company actually bills on the month cycle, so Sense works. One slight discrepancy and maybe the law of averages will work out. December showed 1687 billed and 1770 Sensed, delta of +83 to Sense, January was 1837 billed and 1666 Sensed, a delta of -171 to Sense. that’s about a ten percent error rate from Jan, will wait to see what February surprises will bring.

The watt meter runs close but it is forever changing, and within 10% is not bad. Has anyone else noticed anything or taken a summary measurement to compare to the power company. I have real billing numbers, not estimated BTW, due to the smart meter. thanks all for the bandwidth. curious what everyone else has.


I think 10% is way out of the norm - something’s up with either your install (eg correct wiring) or your device (eg software bug).

After a lot of effort on my part, I was able to figure out that our nighttime consumption was almost perfect; our daytime production (solar) and consumption is about 3-4% underreporting, both due to an error in the solar production calculation by Sense. These are based on twice daily meter readings, pre-sunrise, post-sunset.

Before the voltage correction in December, I was 10% off across the board - and I was ready to send mine back. I can guess my numbers closer than 10%.

Even with the lower error rate, I’m still torn. I think getting these numbers right is perhaps the most important thing Sense needs to be doing right, given device discovery is a slow and imperfect process I’d at least like some useful information.

edit and the reason I’m torn is because it’s obvious the correlation problems are diverse and widespread, meaning this isn’t a simple fix involving some software correction you can push to every user, and surely wasn’t entirely corrected with the “voltage fix” in December. What that means is that it’ll be incredibly difficult to fix for everyone, and from the looks of it, promises to be fixed for no one. I mean, I’ve had my device since November and have been vocal about the errors from the start. Very frustrating.


I agree that each users situation is different. I think the fix is to allow us to apply a “correction factor” to match the meter reading.

In a similar vain, during nighttime, we should be able to “trim” each leg of the Solar CTs to a 0W reading. In my case, my night time readings are -6W and -36W on each leg. The reason the 2nd leg is -36W and not -6W, is that I have some always on network equipment in the solar sub-panel. Being able to trim this out would be nice.

I don’t want to just do a Solar re-calibrate which is hit or miss, just give us the ability to manually apply correction factors, maybe via a restricted service menu or something for “expects only”.


+1 for billing cycle comparison


setting start of billing month would be good feature to have. Please implement


This feature is on it’s way and should be introduced in the near future!


Just updating this to let everyone know that this feature was implemented (thanks to your feature requests!) a few months back in v15 of the apps: Dollar Cost of Power Display in App

Hope it’s working for you!


For what it is worth our billing cycle isn’t always the same. Sometimes it is 29 days, sometimes 25, etc… so right now the billing feature as implemented isn’t able to align very well. Maybe I will just set it to the 1st of the month and watch my trends.

It seems to be whenever the utility company gets around to driving their pickup truck by with the radio receiver. We live in a small town with a municipal power plant so things are a bit more laid back on billing cycles.



Exactly the same here. Billing cycle isn’t the same on monthly (and annual) basis. By this I mean that my March 2017 bill covered 32 days, while March 2018 bill covers 29 days. Also, the rate we’re charged per kWh changes in ways I cannot fathom. There’s a base residential kWh rate (differs by season) and then a fuel surcharge per kWh that varies monthly. But the state PUC allows the utility company to tack on unexplained charges that vary monthly that are rolled into the base rate.


Who is your electric company? They sound like they’re a real delight to work with.



Entergy Louisiana. And as bad their usage & billing systems are, Entergy New Orleans is worse.

Edit: I want to illustrate the lunacy with an example - my March 2018 bill.


My base energy rate is $0.04779 per kWh ( The fuel adjustment rate for this month is $0.03193 per kWh. There’s a storm restoration charge of $5.13 and a storm restoration offset of -$1 (giving back excess paid in years past). I used 568 kWh during the billing cycle. So logically, the amount owed should be:

($0.04779 * 568) + ($0.03193 * 568) + $5.13 - $1 = $49.41, of which the base energy charge should be ($0.04779 * 568) = $27.15.

The base energy rate I got charged was $37.48 - there’s additional charges that the Louisiana Public Utilities Commission lets the utility roll into the base energy charge that is never explained to the consumer … some mighty fine third-world accounting here.


Wow! You may have found a company with worse bills than Comcast/Verizon to understand!


I put my billing in as resetting on the 15th, which is today. I checked and under BILL it stopped on May 13th?

My totals are off this month and just trying to figure out why.


Hey Shawn. Can you shoot me a private message with some screenshots? That sounds like odd behavior for sure.