Cannot open a support case via app

I have a new “heat 7” device yet there’s no data associated with it. I wanted to ask support if I should delete it or not, but this is what I get when opening an in-app ticket.


I just tested and am not seeing the same on my end.

Is anyone else here experiencing the issue?

In the meantime, you can also reach support via

I know you want to ask support but I’ve found that brand new detections can have zero data for a few days. I’d wait at least 2 before thinking about deleting

I waited 4 days.

I submitted two messages over the weekend without any problems

Support said this is normal if the monitor isn’t quite sure about its previous detections for the device.

I guess my previous experiences with new devices were lucky in that they arrived with historical data. I’ll give this device another week or so to have a single “on” event before deleting it.

Does that mean you were able to open a case via the app? Or are you referring to a previous convo with Support?

I opened one via email for this particular instance and that was the provided answer. I used a pretty crappy subject for this thread, should have also included my actual question.