Can't login to the forums while mobile


So, I gave in…installed an app for a forum (ugh), and nothing - exact same issue - I load up Discourse, setup the Sense forums in it, it shows everything OK, but I’m still not logged in…and when I tried to respond to this thread, boom…it just opens the Sense app and dumps me out to the “Now” page and nothing happens.

So, no further ahead.


Have you tried uninstalling the Sense app, then logging in to the Community in a browser, then after that reinstalling the Sense app?


So, I followed a link from a thread-response alert email, and I seem to be mysteriously logged in now. Replying to this thread on my iPhone.

Not sure if issue was fixed or what, but at least I can participate through the day now.


I’m not seeing anything fixed on our end, but I was just coming in here to post the link that @scorp508 posted above. Sense is working again in the Discourse app for me.


Not sure what happened, but I got logged out again and am back to square one.

#26 is working for me again in mobile Safari. Is this working for the rest of you again?


Yes, I can confirm I am able to get onto the site directly on my iPhone now.

I am however afraid to log out and trying to login again seeing as that was the original problem - I was able to see and browse the site OK, however trying to login dumped me to the endless app loop. I do seem to be logged in now however so I’m going to leave well enough alone


Just tried it on my iPad Pro and still experiencing the same issues. Tap the Login button and go straight to Sense app.


Same issue with iPhone and iPad. Launches the Sense app using Safari or Chrome.


While in the Sense app on the iPhone I go to settings/help/community forum. That’s the only way I can get here


In the meantime, the Discourse app should work fine. I just tried that on a different device and with an alternate login and it worked well for me.