Coffee Pot still not detected correctly

My 120 volt coffee pot used to think it was the 240 volt burner on my stove about 9 months ago. I thought that was odd because one was 120 volt and the other was 240 volt. Sense tried tweaking things on their side a few times to fix the issue, it was never fixed so they deleted my 240 volt stove top burner… which detected back within a week, but now it is not very reliable, it only detects the stove sometimes. Then the poor coffee pot has still not been detected and it has been over 6 months.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am wondering if they tightened something down so much that the coffee pot will now never detect, or is it just normal to still not detect a heat source device I use every day.

You can start to analyze the potential yourself by noting the power on/off spike for both devices while observing the main Power Meter.

What I would suggest is also looking in Settings > My Home > Sense monitor > Signals as you do the same on/off of the devices. There you can see whether the 240V burner is perhaps actually a 120V because you would see only one power leg going up in Signals. For 240V devices the “Mains” should jump up and down evenly when you switch on/off.

Another thing to note is whether those jumps for the coffee pot and stove are on the same phase. If so, that would make the conflation more likely.

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Yeh i already did all that and sent it on to the sense technicians, that is why i said it was silly the 120 volt coffee pot used to think it was the 240 volt stove burner. Now after the sense techs tweaked the model the stove burner barely detects sometimes, when it used to always detect, and now the coffee pot No longer thinks it’s the stove burner but it also never got detected and it has been almost a year since i installed sense. I would think a daily use coffee pot would be fairly easy to detect, i think they might have tweaked the model beyond detection.

The coffee pot and the stove top will of course share one of the two split “phases”. But one uses both legs of the split phase and the other uses one, just as you said.