Common Installation Questions



We recommend that Sense should be installed by an electrician or qualified professional. The installation is very straightforward and in most cases, will take less than half an hour. For more details, please consult the Sense Installation Guide.

###Panel requirements
Sense works with most split-phase residential electric panels, and monitors two phases of 120VAC. Our current sensors are rated for 200A usage.

It does not yet work in apartment buildings unless the electrical panel is accessible from the apartment.
Sense does not yet support 3-phase systems (which are typically found in commercial buildings).

###Flush panels
The Sense monitor comes with a mounting bracket that can be mounted inside or external to panel. This should allow you to mount Sense in an ideal location near the top or bottom of your panel in order to access one of the knockouts there. The antenna would then sit inside the wall and be outside the panel which would not affect wifi connectivity. For instructions on mounting Sense externally please refer to the External Sense Monitor Installation Guide.

Alternatively, some electricians may decide to drill through the panel for this installation. This should be agreed with your electrician on-site, and we recommend you consult with them regarding the different options.

###Bus bar panels
We recommend consulting with an electrician about the installation beforehand, as it can be slightly more complicated than a regular panel. The dimensions of the clamps are 3.6 inch long and 2 inch across (9.14 cm x 5.08 cm) and the width is 1.91 cm - we have no alternatives for these clamps.
Another option would be to discuss with your electrician if there is another place to access the service mains. In other bus bar installations where the current sensors would not fit, the electrician was able to install them right before the main breaker, however, this may not be up-to code in your town.

###Multiple panels
Sense will be able to monitor your whole home as long as it is installed in your main breaker panel. If Sense is installed in a sub-panel, it will only be able to monitor the devices on that panel.

Multiple panels with separate service
In order to monitor your whole home, you will need a Sense monitor for each panel if they have separate service.

At the moment, the Sense app can not aggregate the data coming in from multiple Sense monitors. In this case, you will need to create two different accounts, one for each Sense monitor. We plan on supporting this feature in the future, but do not have any timelines that we can share as of yet.

###Dedicated breaker
While Sense will function as expected as long as it is installed on a 240V breaker, we recommend Sense be installed on a dedicated breaker in order to comply with varying electrical codes. If your breaker panel is full, we recommend consulting with a local electrician to find the best course of action based on your town’s electrical codes.

###Outdoor installations
Strictly speaking our safety rating is for indoor use. This is due to moisture concerns, which also end up limiting our minimum temperature as well. If a unit is already in operation, temperatures down to -15 degrees C should not be a problem. As the unit is not sealed against moisture, we cannot guarantee safe operation when the unit starts at a temperature below freezing.

In some cases, condensation may freeze across components, causing the potential for malfunction or harm.

We recommend Sense be installed where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight or extremely low or high temperatures. We are currently working on extending the functional range.

###My monitor didn’t chime after installation
It does take a few moments for Sense to chime, however if you do not hear the chime after a minute, please turn off the breaker that the Sense monitor is connected to and check the following:

  • The red & black power wires are connected to a 240v breaker.
  • The white wire is connected to the neutral bus.
  • All cables are connected to the Sense monitor.
  • The labels on the current sensors are facing the same direction (either both towards or both away from the breakers).
  • If your service mains have loops, please follow the wires to determine the appropriate direction.
  • Sense will only chime on the initial installation, so do not be concerned if it does not chime again.



Hello, any ETA on new bus bar clamp options yet? Signed, Patiently Waiting for Accurate Metrics


Still waiting for an update on new clamps for your loyal bus bar clients! @BenAtSense please - even speculative feedback would be appreciated!


@kinney.dan, unfortunately I don’t have a timeline at this point. I’ll send you a private message about your situation!


I’m in the same boat. I have very tight clearance in my outside meter/breaker combo box. Maybe .25" clearance.