Community Bug Report Category + Possible Bug

Not really a product suggestion, rather a way to organize and keep track of and discuss possible bug reports. It would be nice to have a community category for bug reports. I suggest this because sending every bug report to a tech ticket can waste tech resources and leave out all the good suggestions people might have. It could provide people a location to search for things they think might be a bug and therefore prevent duplicate tickets for the same issue.

Here’s the reason I suggest this. In the app I was looking at the energy meter and noticed that as you move the timeline throughout the day it shows the energy consumption for the time of the day that you’ve selected. If you have the TOD rates in you’ll see the TOD cost multiplier below the energy usage, however this muliplier is only for the actual “live” time in the energy meter and doesn’t reflect the time in the timeline that you’ve scrolled to. This is kinda misleading. My suggestion would be to show the multiplier for the time you scrolled to or just remove the TOD multiplier if someone scrolls away from the live time.

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Hey @DevOpsTodd - I’m going to take a look at some other technical forums and see how they manage the bug reporting process.

Typically, for wide-reaching bugs that impact a lot of our userbase, a relevant thread on the forums will be posted with the prefix [BUG] in the title. Once resolved, we add a [RESOLVED] tag.

That being said, I think there’s a way to better manage this moving forward, perhaps through some integration with our bug reporting platform or support platform.

I did see a couple bug reports that way and I agree there’s a lot of forums that do that, but normally it’s because there’s a category for the bug. For example, let’s use the issue that I’m saying might be a bug. If there was a category for mobile app or maybe UI I would have posted it there.

The only reason I bring up the idea is because I had no idea where to post other than tech support. But it’s not something I need help with so at that point I’m just like :man_shrugging: