CT Connection points on BUSBAR Panel


Ok, so I have a brand new main panel courtesy of Solarcity when i put in solar, problem is, it is a busbar to the net meter and I cannot connect the CT’s at that point.

The main feeds loop back down through the panel into the ground, so I clamped my CT’s on the cables at this point, which puts the net meter between my main disco, and the CT’s, everything installed clean and green, but i was curious if the meter would restrict device detection? I can clearly see when even the smallest device turns on or off, so I believe not. However I wanted to run it by folks with experience on this stuff.



Looks good to me :relaxed: You will even get to measure the power the utility meter consumes!


Awesome, I was sorta wondering if the net meter might have some coupling or filtering that would prevent any harmonics passing back into the grid.

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