"Currently Learning" a dryer for 3 months?


Hi All

Im curious if anyone else has had a device that is listed as Currently Learning" in Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor? My dryer has been in this status for months. It does seem like the bar is slowly progressing (we use the dryer once a week). But i have never seen any other device listed here, they usually just show up out of the blue.



I have the same thing. Ben from Sense said they don’t use that info anymore.


@paintedwings38, the ‘Currently Learning’ section unfortunately is in need of a bit of an update. As it stands, it is not always an accurate representation of what’s being learned. It’s something we have plans to update, but for now I wouldn’t worry too much if you do/don’t see a device there.


Dang, I was all excited about the 4 or 5 new devices that it said it was in the “Up Next” section.

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