Dedicated circuit setup problem

I have setup 2 dedicated circuit monitoring, type 240v/120v on my waterfurnace Heatpump, 40A and 60 A 240v breakers. Everything appears to complete OK but I get timeouts because of safety delays when turn on breaker for compressor. Only the second clamp shows any activity in the sense app. I redid the setup but I reversed the clamps and again only the second clamp shows any activity. Maybe the timeouts are causing the problem. Has anybody had this problem, would it be possible to setup on another circuit and then move the clamps to the compressor. I did contact support 1 weeks ago but no fix yet.

I’m a bit confused by your setup. You mention 2 devices; Is your heat pump coming in via 2 separate breakers? You mention a 40A and 60A breaker.

Any chance you can provide a photograph so we can better see how things are installed?

Can you explain more what’s happening here? Are you getting errors during setup? Or is it completing successfully? What’s timing out?

One breaker is probably for the main heat pump components (compressor, blower motor, ground loop pump, electronics) and the other is for a resistive coil “emergency/auxiliary heat” component. That’s how my GSHP is wired as well.

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Yes the Heatpump has 2 240v breakers. The setup completes successfully but times out because of a delay when I turn on the breaker to the compressor

I’m sorry, still a bit confused. Are you actually seeing a Setup Success screen at the end of Dedicated Circuit Setup or is it failing? I’m trying to understand where these timeouts are occurring for you.

Hypothetically, yes, but it would have to be the same type of load (240V/120V) and on the same phase. I’ll emphasize that this has not been tested however.

Wouldn’t a 240/120 always be on the same phase.

Sorry I’m not explaining this very well. I do get the setup success screen. When I power on the compressor breaker there is a delay of at least 5 minutes, before anything energizes I get a message saying that it has timed out and try again.

What happens when you try again? Just keeps timing out? You shouldn’t be seeing a Setup Success screen if one of your loads fails to complete setup, so something peculiar seems to be happening here.

When I get the timeout message I click OK and wait a few more minutes then it says successfully setup

I had that team look through your setup logs and we’re not seeing anything strange. Would you mind re-running in-app setup, making sure both breakers are off when setup begins, and taking screenshots of any error screens you see?

I have rerun the app setup 2 times. I have a new problem, it completes successfully, no errors but the circuits does not show in device list or on home screen

So no timeout issues this time around?

Have the devices shown up yet or still nothing?

Yes. I did a setup Thursday evening and they appeared Sunday evening. I unfortunately redid them Saturday and am waiting for them to appear.

That sounds possibly related to the outage issues that @JustinAtSense has been giving updates on in this thread. Mind rebooting your Sense monitor and seeing if that triggers your devices to show up? Just flip the Sense breaker and then flip it back.

Rebooting the sense monitor did force the devices to show up. I will be moving one of the clamps to the Heatpump compressor circuit later this evening, hoping that works. Will keep you posted.

Great. Let me know what happens when you move the CT.

I moved the CT to the compressor circuit and it is working perfectly. The setup timeout was causing the problem. Thanks for all the help.