Detecting Electric Vehicle (EV) devices


#102 <-- found a use for leafs :wink:


Hi Andrew,

To the best of my knowledge, we’re not currently taking bribes. I’ll let our community manager, @BenAtSense , know you’ve requested this. :slight_smile:

I know it is frustrating that we’re focused on fixing the issue with the released detectors not firing right now instead of creating new models, and also that the fix is proceeding more slowly than everyone hoped. We’re working as quickly as possible, but the defect we’ve uncovered is more complex than it initially appeared. I will update everyone as soon as I know more.



I know you guys are working hard and we all do appreciate it. This is just one of the pain points of being an early adopter. It’s too bad your deployment model can’t allow for detectors to be applicable to specific users (sense devices) then you could allow for further beta testing without having to involve your entire customer base.


I’d sign up for beta program.



I’ll log a ticket with support and take a look.



Mine certainly doesn’t detect with any consistency…


So after 5 weeks, it seems to finally discovered my
2015 Tesla Model S. However, it doesn’t seem accurate. Is this part of the known issue? Seems to have only picked up 31 seconds of charging.


It found mine, but was so unrelaible, I delete it, as it still says "EV " under device detection, stuck at 80% or so… ugh.


Yes, mine says “Currently Learning”, ad it looks like it’s at 80%.


Hey Sense folks, is it possible to get a list of /which/ Tesla’s are supported? I have a Model X P100D and I would be curious. Thanks! Also, if you need Sense data from multiple Tesla models, let me know.



Progress ! Don’t know what you guys did, but came home late last night to see an EV bubble filling the screen on my monitoring iPad. Nice ! Sense had correctly detected and begun tracking our full Tesla Model S charge cycle. Nice work…

There’s still a bit of an issue - Sense only seems to pick up 14kW of the total 19kW of charging power, but logging the whole cycle is a step,in the right direction. Nice work !


What model and Year do you have? How are you charging it? Also how long has the Sense been hooked up?


2014 Model S P85 - charged through a 220V Tesla HPWC (older version) - car is set to 80A limit. I’ve had the Sense learning since Jan 3. Here’s a view of household usage from midnight last night - the first power bump is the Model X charging, the second is the Model S.

Hoping to see the big reddish balloon again tonight at 1am…


Nope - just a 20kW Unknown bubble tonight… :frowning:


That is discouraging.


While finding an electric car is exciting, relatively very few users are going to have a car that needs to be detected! Why not spend the time/effort/money on those things that virtually EVERY use has? I still have many many items that have not been detected, in spite of being in this for five months or so! One thing that is particularly frustrating is when SENSE detects something, but then it never goes on again. Can’t figure that one out.


I don’t know if it is Sense’s rationale, but I can tell you that I bought the Sense mainly because I’m on an EV electric rate schedule where deeply understanding your electric use at different times of day is paramount. When there is a 3x difference between off-peak and on-peak pricing, you want to shift as much of your usage to off peak. And I would like to have my EV charge usage quantified to understand how big a component it is of my daily, weekly and monthly usage.


@cksedg There are a couple of reasons to target EV owners:

  1. By just being EV owners they show that they are early/earlier adopters of new technology in a big way. Those same people are more likely to adopt Sense. By catering to them you are increasing their likelihood of adoption even further.
  2. Along this same line, EV owners are more likely to have access to discretionary income to be able to purchase a device/gadget like Sense.
  3. Many EV owners who can’t specifically assess EV power usage are more likely to abandon or avoid the platform in the first place. This can’t be said about any other device (that isn’t accurately modeled) today. I doubt people are going to avoid the platform because it can’t detect and model someone’s PS4.

Given accurate EV modeling and I could sell Sense to half of my local Tesla Owners in less than a month.


Likewise, I could pitch it to every solar consumer in my neighborhood, and they’d jump on it, if Sense could just get the damn numbers right.


And we owners of a Nissan Leaf and Android phone recognize that the Sense picks are not based on the number of owners🙄