Device Detection Major Update: Ecobee Historical (v29.1 iOS/v29.2 Android)

I clicked the button! :smiley: Looking forward to seeing what Sense can do with this information.

For all you data junkies, you may be interested in It’s downloading all the same data Sense is and creating informative visualizations and comparisons. Check out a demo if it sounds cool.


Any plans to add Nest Thermostats in the near future?

I can’t speak for the Sense team, but I doubt it. Google/Nest has closed off their API and their old API terms of service did not allow storing of historical data. I also don’t believe it supported viewing staging for multi-stage systems.


I just attached mine. I’ve got 12 ecobees in my home, tied to hydronic radiant pumps for each zone. Hope my data doesn’t confused things. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am not seeing Ecobee, only these.



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Looking for plugs


It’s not under integrations. It’s under Data Sources, which is above integrations. Note that it can only be added via the mobile app.

Make sure you post back here with the results. We probably have the same thermostat; there’s not many that work with the Trane communicating system.

So I have one standard thermostat and one Ecobee. Have your engineers considered this scenario? Will my data just be useless because of this?

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Can you describe the setup a bit more? Curious how that works.

I have two Ecobee thermostats, a main one (controlling a gas furnace and an AC unit) and a secondary one (that just controls an on / off damper to part of the house). This seems to be confusing to some functions of Beestat per discussions with @ziebelje Will it confuse Sense as well?

Oh it’s simple. I have two HVAC zones, which means two independent HVAC systems (including 2 exterior units and 2 thermostats).

One zone covers floor 1 & 2. The second zone covers floor 3.

Since heat rises, the top floor needs independent control. In the summer, that unit works like 2 to 3x as hard as the lower floors’ unit.

I wanted to use the room temp sensor to ensure my newborn’s nursery was always the right temp. I don’t really have such a need on floors 1 & 2 so I just kept the dumb thermostat there.

Sense has no way to detect which of my HVAC units is running, so trying to correlate the Ecobee data may lead to some interesting/bad analysis.

@jlj.pers @dss539.sense

While we may not be able to make perfect correlations, the data should still be useful, so keep that integration connected.

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I hope this helps with device detection - I have been really disappointed with Sense’s detection of our heating / cooling components.

I have 5 Ecobees, 3 connected to a single boiler, 1 of those on radiant heat, 2 on forced air. Each has a separate AC condenser. The other 2 Ecobees control electric baseboard heaters.

I realize you wont use the specifics, but hoping the variety will give your learning algos some fun


Welcome to the user community !

How are your Ecobees connected to the baseboard heaters ?? did you use some kind of relay ? Asking because I have some ancient Intertherm thermostats I would love to replace in our vacation property…


I actually did this first in a vacation home replacing very similar Honeywell thermostats.

My first attempt used this

Aube Technologies RC840T-120 Electromechanical Relay with Built In Relay
(Too much of a noobie to post links - these are available on Amazon)

But that didnt provide enough power for the Ecobee. So I switched to this

Aube Technologies 300612 RC840 On/Off Switching Electric Heating Relay

With an external 24v transformer (Aprilaire 4010)

Fortunately I had space around the breaker box. At the original thermostat position I just bypassed it. And then back at the breaker box I removed the wiring from the breaker and connected to the output of this relay and then ran a new wire from the breaker to the input of this relay.

On the low voltage side this plus the 24v to the Ecobee (only 3 wires needed). And then because the Ecobee was close to the breaker and not the original thermostat I used the Ecobee remote sensors mounted on the cover plate of where the original thermostat was to get a more accurate reading and motion sensing.

Hope that helps!

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How long does it take for the Ecobees to show up? I have 4 ecobees but nothing shows up under Data Sources except the “Network Listening - Enabled”

I’ve been checking it on and off the past week or longer and nothing still
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That doesn’t look like you’re on the latest version of the app. Can you go to Settings > About Sense and let me know what it says next to Version? While you’re at it, you can check your firmware to by going to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor and checking the Version under Monitor.

You’re right! My app was out of date… But that’s weird because I checked it several times last week to make sure I had the latest. Working now though so all good. Thanks for the help!


Just spotted this ecobee integration post, this is awesome, will turn it on right away!
Also hadn’t been to in a while, and I hadn’t realized I could add a bunch of helpful data, doing that now (EVs, ecobee, hybrid water heater, etc)…

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