Device power meter glitch

I was watching my new Unagi scooter charge for the first time by plugging it into one of my KASAs and bringing up the power meter, but after many minutes I saw the display disappear, but it turns out it just autoscaled to some spurious data, when I scaled it back to show the charging wattage it had a bunch of yellow (solar?) vertical bars in the data:

Any thoughts what is going on?

Also, why do the threads close after a year of no replies? I tried to use the same title as a previously closed thread and it wouldn’t let me, What if I have the same issue years later? What’s the strategy here?

Many questions needs to be answered to see what the issue is. Do you have solar enabled in sense? Using 48 watts total doesn’t look right to me. Can you show the bubble view with the scooter on the Kasa plug. Do you have more than one smart plug and what is the model?

I would think that this is an issue with the KASA/ TP-Link reporting a (+ Positive) value for the charging of the Unagi scooter. The yellow is generally production (solar). I see if its reporting correctly in the KASA app and if it is, disable then re-enable the TP-link integration within the sense app.