Device Ratings

I think something that would help the device recognition significantly is the ability to thumbs up or thumbs down device recognition. I’m envisioning a quick rating whenever Sense suggests that a particular device has turned on or off. If the device is incorrectly recognized enough times, Sense would set out to relearn that device. Having this kind of device level feedback would be a way for the Sense team to more truly crowdsource the learning of new devices by having a statistical framework of responses to work off of. As things stand right now, there’s little that can be done (other than posting here in the forum) to communicate that a particular device isn’t being recognized properly.

Perhaps a third rating would be needed to indicate that a recognized device had turned on or off without being captured by the Sense monitor, which would also inform the strength of a particular device’s learnedness. :slight_smile:

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An effective algorithm needs to be tested constantly. The way you test it is by applying some type of feedback.

Thus far (almost a week in) I’m disappointed with the level of feedback I’m able to provide. I still have a few more weeks to decide whether I’m going to keep it…

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