Device Summary all wrong. Bug?

GE Refrigerator in Garage.

Summary says it was on 4 times for a total of 10 hours and 1 min.

Yet data shows that is not close to correct.

And several strange entries where unit started twice or stopped twice between cycles :man_shrugging:t3:


Hey there - thanks for reporting this issue.
If you can share the following, we can take a look and see what we find on our end.

  • Sense App Version:
  • iOS/Android OS Version:
  • Device Type:
  • Can we view your data?

iOS iPad 14.6

Permission to view account previously given in email

Still wrong

I’ve reached out to our engineering team to find out a bit more about what you’re seeing here. I’ll update this thread once I hear back.

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Hey @Beachcomber - our engineering team is short-handed this week and working on some time-sensitive tasks, so I’ll need to get back to you on the details here once I connect with someone early next week.