Different price for selling solar back to grid


Please allow manual entry of the price of solar (different from cost of grid power). I sell my solar power back to the grid at a higher rate than I buy it back from the grid. I would like sense to accurately represent the dollar values.


Wow. This is the first where I’ve heard of an opportunity to sell for higher than grid usage. Impressive. What is your location and utility company?

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National Grid in RI. We sell it to them at .42/kwh and buy it back at .17/kwh. The higher rate is an incentive program locked in for 15 years.


Wow that’s amazing. We have the opposite. Our utility charges around .13/kwh for electricity and then buys back around .01/kwh.



Aps is a little better at 3c I think.


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Sorry being late to the conversation about AZ power rates. Are you two on the grandfathered net metering plan? Reason I ask, I’m on APS new rate plan buying peak power at about 8.5c (with a hefty demand charge), off peak power about 6c, but APS is buying my power for 12.9c locked in for 10 years.


Grandfathered, yes. When it comes to the end of the year, any excess (typically 2mwh or so for us) we get bill-back, usually in the $50-60 range.


Here in far upstate NY (Adirondack / Lake Champlain area) with NYSEG as the local utility the all-in cost for electricity (delivery and supply) is about 11¢ per kwh. Residential is not subject to demand or time of day rates. Solar generation is a net metering with no buyback; excess is kept on account and rolled forward so there is little incentive to generate, on an annual basis, more than one’s planned consumption. I admit that I’m not sure for how long this is grandfathered - perhaps 15 years?


Yes… I am in the same program in RI (but only getting .2945 /kwh and buying at .196/kwh as we are much later to this deal)… I had just made the same request before checking the forum as the app assumes that the solar generation is the same as cost.


Seems like a simple request. I posted this a long time ago and still no dice.


Pretty easy to do with export and Excel, since it truly is a simple compared to folks who have TOU… But, there are about a thousand ways to do “easy” rate schedules. Sorry for being so curt, but there are plenty of rate schedules out there, all for Sense to implement.


"Unfortunately, at this time there is not separate pricing for solar, this is a feature we hope to implement soon but I do not have a set-time frame on when that may be. However, I will certainly pass this request along to our Product Team to give them a little nudge on it. "


How hard is it for another text box to enter amount per kWh for solar? It’s already done for the price of the power.


Supporting each individual pricing model is easy. Servicing all the pricing models users have is hard. But once you do one, every user and his brother will want theirs - having lived in the software world, every user thinks their enhancement is the easiest. Architecting the product so it serves a wide array of users really should be job one instead of incrementalism, especially when you are are small company.

By the same argument, how hard can it be to do in Excel ?? I can make a sample for you.


I didn’t pay for a device and it’s software to use another program like excel. You already ask me for the cost of my power and also use that number to calculate the “value” of solar. Why can’t you ask for user input instead of using the same number. Just makes sense. See what I did there?

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I don’t work for Sense. Just another user like you, but perhaps a little more flexible if I want something. Sorry you are frustrated. Let me know if you decide you want a sample spreadsheet.


I understand your frustration with feeling like you have to use another product to get the full use of Sense, I’ve been pretty vocal about it.
But I don’t think there is necessarily a problem here because it isn’t marketed to do that just yet. I think you have the right idea by putting it in the “product wishlist” to make them aware of the desire for this feature.
You have one of the best members giving you a decent workaround for now. I haven’t seen the spreadsheet he’s offering to share but he is a member of what I call “SENSA” it’s Mensa for Sense officially called “Data Analysis” I’d give it a try until the day Sense can make it happen.
I’ll give it another like to help with traction for your idea, it’s a good one for sure.

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It is simple math identical to getting the cost of electricity. I (like Dkd114) probably would not have made the request for the pricing of solar if it wasn’t already doing a calculation based on the cost. The fact that the software is already making the calculation is exactly the reason to ask for the ability to correct the equation. It’s not a big deal but it would make the already great product even that much greater… Never hurts to ask.

Example (and to show how easy the math is)…
Today I generated 78.8kWh x .2954= $23.2

Sense uses the cost of electricity at 19.6cents so it is using the equation:
78.8kWh x .196 = $15.44

And as such displays:
“Production 78.8kWh (~$15)”

So again, not a big deal but if they could create an extra field it would be much appreciated!

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+1 on this feature. sell back is lower than buying from grid, so I would like to accurately represent it.

Also, in CA we have time-of-use plans that I wish I could put into Sense to more accurately show what different devices cost.

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Some here in Central Texas do not buy back. The one I use is buyback/purchase of 12.9/12.9 as I am probably always going to produce more than I use. They will not pay me the difference until I leave them, which is better than the others that do not pay overage at all or only under very strange terms. The current one’s rep claims they owe a couple over 2,000 Kw Hr after less than two years. My previous supplier was 7.5/11.6, which is why I switched. They cancelled buyback if they owed after one year. The current one does not cancel as they are depending upon solar providers.