Distributed Processing


This isn’t a “Wist list” item per sea as a suggestion / thought.
I had posited in another post about the compute time needed to process the massive loads of data coming in from from all the sense devices.

I was thinking this morning about the Seti@Home project which relies on distributed processing of data using the BOINC platform from Berkley. While I don’t want to distract from the work going towards device detection as I realize that incorporating something like BOINC would introduce its own headaches, it did get me thinking about if we as users could help offload some of that processing onto our local machines. I know many active users on this forum as well as on Facebook tend to be more tech savvy and many are running home servers. I know I would certainly be willing to lend some compute cycles.

I have no what it would actually take to do something like this and I sort of assume the BOINC platform is only available for non-profit research studies, but I thought I would toss the idea out there just in case.


I’d do this, I have a few dual E5 servers that sit idle at night. I could donate some compute time, especially if it meant my device detection would be better/faster