Dollar Cost of Power Display in App


It would be cool if we could enter in our cost per kilowatt-hour (or whatever) into the app and be able to toggle the display between Watts and $/hour or Watt-hours and $!

In some places the cost of power fluctuates during the day/night so being able to break that down (or link it to the power company) would also be nice.


An additional feature (somewhat related), I’d like to be able to give my “month” a different starting date. My electric company bills starting on the 8th of the month (not the first for some reason). It would be great to be able to reconcile monthly usage to a device (or set of devices).

Billing Cycle Support in Trending

This feature would need to take into account the complexities of how billing is done. In my case, for specific months of the year there is a set number of kWh at a low rate each day, and the balance at a high rate once they’ve been used. There is a winter and a summer allocation of the lower rate power. On top of that, there is a fixed cost per day for metering.


If at all possible, it’d be great to interface with one of the utility providers to just grab that data (similar as to how can accumulate and gather financial data). But that seems like a gigantic pain for the developer to get in front of the multiple types of power suppliers and their various interfaces (and where they hide this information). But as a “nice to have” feature, I would like to just tell Sense “hey, I use Unitil, here is my account login, can you help me reconcile my bill?”

Just being able to give approximate prices and adjust month start/month end would be a great start in the right direction. It might not be perfect, but in terms of estimation, it could be “pretty good”.


The best case would be for them to handle it all in-house, so keeping the scope small. :slight_smile: Taking external dependencies (let alone on maybe hundreds of utilities) is not a way to ship a product soon.


I would agree … it’s more of a “nice to have”. I’d even be ok with it only being editable from the much anticipated webpage (sometimes adding extra cool features to the mobile apps is a difficult thing, with limited screen realestate and resources).


Neurio has the ability to do cost reporting with support for flat, tiered, and time of use type billing. Unfortunately the cost values need to be manually entered but the reporting is very helpful. Having said that I ended up ditching Neurio in favor of Sense.


Just here to upvote this suggestion. I think that this would be really useful. My rate schedule is exactly like Brian’s, not sure if they get more complicated than that around the country, but it doesn’t seem that cumbersome to have users enter this info.


I think that this would be an awesome idea! I would love to see how much it’s costing me to run my refridgerator, stove, dryer, etc. in numbers that a lot of people can relate to. We were showing my parents the Sense app, and the first thing they asked was if it could tell you how much it was costing to run the appliances. :smile:


my TED 5000 also allows for tiered utility cost and provides cost reporting in real time, very useful


My only comment here is that we need some sort of correction factor figured in so we can be more confident in the correct “cost of power.” If my Sense is reading 3% below my meter, then the calculated values will also be 3% off :slight_smile: Food for thought.


Just cleaning up the forum and wanted to mention that this feature was added in v15 of the apps for iOS and Android: What's New in v1.15.0

Still working on time-of-use charges, so stay tuned.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Billing Cycle Support in Trending