Double device detection behind HS110

So, here’s an interesting situation.

I have both of our EV’s (one Chevy Volt PHEV and one Hyundai Ioniq BEV) being monitored through sense using 2 separate HS110’s. They are wired up to 240V (Yes, I know, that’s only quasi-supported by TP Link in North America but see past discussion on the topic) and each HS110 has a 240V/16A EVSE plugged into it.

This system has worked wonderfully for many months. It’s allowed me to 100% capture every kw used by each vehicle, as well as given me the ability to tweak charging times and durations for my needs and desires just by scheduling the TP LInk units themselves.

However, a week or three ago I got a “New device detected” alert for an EV. Then shortly after, a second.

It seems both of our EV’s have been “Double detected” even though they’re behind HS110’s.

Detection on 1 of the 2 EV device seems to be mostly correct. The other EV device hasn’t shown anything for days/weeks even after initially being shown as a device.

I tried deleting both devices, but they promptly came back.

I haven’t actually sat down and looked in enough detail yet to see if they’re screwing with my stats (Doubling daily energy usage totals?) but clearly this is something that shouldnt’ be happening as I understood anything behind an HS110 would not be natively detected.

I suspect this is a side effect of the technically unsupported 240V usage of the HS110.

Anyone else ever seen anything similar?

I didn’t think detections would happen on the other side of a plug either.
Have you tried this?
Go to smart plug device, where it asks “what’s plugged in”, use the new detection for an EV.
This should combine the new native detection with the smart plug and eliminate double counting.

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A brand new device detection can happen. If you do what ^ suggests, that will avoid any double counting.

Ok, done. Not sure why that didn’t occur to me as a solution right out of the gate, that was a smartplug feature I’d kinda forgotten about honestly.