Ecobee integration fails when 2FA is enabled

Hi, new user, installed two Sense’s yesterday.

I noticed there was no AC listed under device inventory, is that normal, my two AC’s are the largest consumers of power?

Anyway, I wanted to enable Ecobee integration, but I kept on being told my password is wrong.
I verified my password by logging in to the Ecobee web portal, on login I got my 2FA text message, entered the challenge, and could log in.

I suspect that the Sense Ecobee integration fails because it does not support 2FA?

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I think that’s still an issue right now, though someone on this thread may have tried a workaround.

I haven’t moved my Ecobees to 2FA yet because I have several integrations even beyond Sense that don’t support it yet.

I’ve had issues with this since I first installed my Sense system a few months back. I don’t have 2FA enabled on my ecobee account but still had issues with this (i.e. the ecobee sign-in page within the Sense app still tells me my password is wrong when it’s not). I opened tickets with both Sense and ecobee. Both sides said it’s being worked on, but I’m surprised it’s taking this long. The ecobee folks seem to think it may be as simple as updating the Sense app to point to ecobee’s latest API sign-in link. Maybe the fix is more complicated than this.

I removed 2FA from my Ecobee account, and I could then link Sense and Ecobee.

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