EcoBee integration


Can we please get EcoBee integration. :slight_smile: Their thermostats are awesome.

Which thermostats are currently integrated

There’s a couple other Product Wishlist threads on smart thermostat support more generally, but I’ll leave this as I can’t find any that are actually ecobee specific.


+2 as we have two ecobees. Actually we have five, but I still have to install three of them on a few more heat-only zones.


100% This would make identifying one of the largest energy using devices flawless. No reason not to pursue this integration.


I’m curious. What is the use case? Correlating interior temp to AC and/or furnace activation? I can maybe see exterior temp, but I’m struggling to see the use case. Happy to be educated.



Correlating the thermostat actually “triggering” the heater/ac/fan to turn on w/ the electrical signature at that exact moment would probably increase detection significantly.


The Ecobee can provide Sense feedback or “ground truth” on when AC condenser and the furnace blower (or whatever hardware you have) is turned on and turned off. This consistent “ground truth” is invaluable in improving machine learning.

Machine learning in Sense-land tries to guess when your AC (air conditioning) condenser turns on and turns off based on a set of “features” embedded in a tiny (less than a second) window of your home’s electrical activity. If you have the Ecobee continually supplying guidance to correct Sense’s guesses, plus feedback to the learning network when Sense’s conclusions are right or wrong, we should see three benefits:

  1. Your Sense readings will be much more accurate. No more missed or mistaken AC bubbles and no more bubbles that remain stuck on after the AC has shut off.

  2. Even though you might not see it, your Sense will get better and better at guessing, and Sense will be able to measure how well they are doing with their AC model(s). Sense will also be able to monitor “drift”, that is slight changes in your AC behavior over time or interactions with other models, that cause the model(s) to lose accuracy. Once understood, they can refine models to compensate for drift.

  3. Eventually Sense will roll out improved parameters and models for AC units for all customers, which should benefit folks that don’t even have Ecobees.


Ah, that makes complete sense (no pun intended). Got it. Thanks for the insight.

Definitely not seeing the guessing improving. So many devices not identified and others that are but I can’t track them down. It’s been a frustrating year.


I’m certain Sense guesses will get better with more supervised learning with Ecobee feedback. But I did simplify things a bit -

  • I believe the Ecobee API only allows real-time polling or looking at past history on a 15 min basis. In otherwords, the Sense can’t tell the Ecobee to send a message to Sense when it turns the AC on or off. But the Sense can verify every time it thinks the AC has turned. Plus it can comb the history afterward for any missed identifications.

  • Processing the feedback into “learning” is a very challenging and computationally expensive process. And making decisions on how and when to tweak learning networks, beyond just the thousands of parameters controlling the network requires incredible expertise (and possibly a little luck). It’s worthwhile looking at 8-10 year evolution of image recognition networks plus associated competitions to understand that time and data are crucial to improvement.

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Nest. Thanks. @RyanAtSense. Lol.


Several users have had challenges with Sense not ‘seeing’ all the components of a heat pump. In heating mode, those include a compressor, a fan motor, and (sometimes) heating coils (‘aux heat’). We have had to combine them manually, once we realized what was going on.
I’d think combining the Ecobee’s intelligence in this regard would make it easier/simpler/‘smarter’.

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This would be very helpful. Sense has not detected my forced air heaters for the last 3 winters and none of my second stage cooling or heating… hopefully this can solve that problem.


Put me on the list for Ecobee integration as well.


+1 I would love to have sense communicate with my Ecobee.


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+1 I would love to have sense communicate with my Ecobee too.


Definitely would love Ecobee integration. I have three Ecobee4 thermostats and five remote sensors on my three air-to-air heatpumps.

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Add me as well, another Ecobee user here.

Does the number of likes feature request posts get actually play a part in what ones you guys decide to implement, or not?

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This goes into a bit more detail into how we decide on new features: How to Submit a Feature Request

The short answer is that we definitely do, but it’s more complicated than that.

However, I just peaked at our roadmap and it looks like the bulk of things lined up for 2019 have been asked for in some capacity. :wink:


I hit the heart but am a recent ecobee convert and also would like this

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