Electric bill sync


It would be nice if we could get a summary of electric used in one month to be synced with the bill initiated by the electric company. If Sense could total monthly use based on a given date. we could compare usage with the electric company bill.

thanks, Anton


For some the date of the month may have to change each month, and if you want to put in time of day the meter you guess the meter was read might be nice also.


Thanks for the suggestion! This is something we’re going to be working on in the near future.


I’d like to add my vote to this feature. One of the reasons I got Sense was to verify that my actual usage matches the electric company’s meter. Can’t do that if we can only get usage stats on a calendar month basis. A flexible reporting capability would be most welcome.


I believe Ben said a while back he wanted us to like the wishlist items original post so they can gauge interest.


That would ideal. Thanks, Matt.

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I think this would be a useful feature to implement, but for those who don’t have smart metering and reporting back to the utility we depend on meter readers to come around each month. It the WX is bad or for any number of reasons they do not take the readings exactly every 30 days. It’s usually close but not always. So to accomplish what is proposed it would seem that Sense would need to poll the users account info from the utility.

If a user does have smart metering then wouldn’t they have access to the information already through their user account with the utility?

I’d like to see the Sense Alexa Skill answer questions like:
“Alexa, ask Sense how much power I used yesterday"
the response would be
"You used xx.xx kilowatts yesterday. One year ago you used xx.xx kilowatts.”

“Alexa, ask Sense how much power I have used this month"
and the response would be
"You have used xx.xx kilowatts so far this month. xx.xx kilowatts of that was
generated by solar, and xx.xx kilowatts was supplied by your utility.”


+1 for billing cycle start of month setting/feature