First EV devices!



TGA, we charge with the mobile connector at 36A and the HPWC at 72A.


When I’m charging, from the car I see 240v and 40 amps = 9,600 watts. But Sense only shows about 8,000ish…
Also, the average amount used doesn’t say, or number of times a month… But it’s improving, right?


Hi Matt,

Our Sense detected the start of the charging for my wife’s Model S on the HPWC last night (3AM), but seems to have only attributed the starting edge to the EV charging, missing 99.9% of the actual energy usage.

Here’s what the Sense thought the device usage looked like (two spikes of about 400W over the course of a minute):

But here’s what the house power usage looked like - almost all of it at 3AM went to the Model S P85D (20kW over the course of 2 hours).

Great that the charge start was detected, but woeful analysis of the real power consumption.



I’ll file a ticket with support and look into it.




Sense does learn over time about how you charge your car. If your Tesla has previously charged a lot at 8 kW, it takes Sense some time to learn that you’re actually charing at 9.6 instead.

We’re working on improving the learning speed and accuracy of figuring out how much power your car is using, along with all of the other devices you own.




I don’t have an update on the Leaf detector. We’re currently working on fixing the issues (Sense missing charges) with the devices that have been released.



Got ya. I do have it set for 35 amps most of the time, as this is the only level it will retain.


Hi @MattAtSense,

Any update on the eta for the bug fix for ev charging Teslas only catching the leading edge at start of charge?

Support said known issue, though reset monitor. Nothing changes, still doesn’t detect continuing load.

Keep up the great work.

Thanks, Mike


I saw my sense correctly identifying my Tesla pulling the full 18 kWh starting on Saturday. Looks good so far…


I’ve had my Sense for two plus weeks now. When can I expect my 2015 85D with a 14-50 charging at 36amps to show up?



We’ve identified the defect, but the testing is going a little slower than we hoped given the importance and complexities of the change. I’ll let you know when we release the fix.




If you charge daily, it might take up to a month for Sense to locate your 85D.



I’ve been charging daily for three weeks and so far nothing yet. I’ll wait another week before I bother you again :slight_smile:


@MattAtSense - it’s broken again. I only got a few days out of it before it stopped seeing my EV charger. Should I open a ticket or can you connect my account to the issue?



The defect still exists that causes Sense to miss charges. We are still testing the fix. I will let you know when we release it.



Is Sense on Twitter? that could be the place to announce stuff like “we fixed the ev charging thing”.
My EV says about 80% detected…




This Saturday will be a month since I installed my Sense and it still hasn’t located my 2015 85D, despite charging it every single night for at least 2 hours. It doesn’t even show under “Up Next”. This is was my primary reason for buying Sense and I’ll be very disappointed if It doesn’t detect it.



Who do I need to bribe to get the Nissan Leaf detector deployed? :slight_smile:


I’ll contribute to that bribe Andrew! :slight_smile: