Graphs of Utility Voltage for detecting issues


Did anything ever come of this? I am curious for an update from Sense on any voltage or other power quality features. Sampling at 1 MHz offers a lot of potential.

I have had LED lamps going out prematurely and it would be helpful to know if I just happened to get a high rate of lemons–across two different manufacturers–or whether I have another problem :frowning:


@eric2 since your friend is at the end of his utilities grid line and you suspect an issue with the transformer size feeding that line, have you considered a whole house surge protector? it would at least save his electronics…


Funny you should mention that… :wink:

I am headed down there in a few weeks to install one (or several). Right now the debate is how many to install. There is one 400a panel with three subpanels. Debating whether we should install them in just the main panel, or in all the panels.

Having them in all panels gives more paths to dissipate current and some level of redundancy…