Have any questions? Ask Sense! - May 2019


The classic question that would help with expectation setting and Smartplug usage.
“How long will it take Sense to find my device ?” or “How likely is it that Sense will identify my XYZ ?”

And the ancillary questions:
• How many on/off repetitions are needed ?
• What makes for an easy to identify signature vs a hard to identify one ?

  • Device type - simple AC motor, vs Variable AC, vs DC motor, etc.
  • Power usage magnitude ? Detecting a 3W signature vs 300W vs 3kW ?
  • Other power/energy usage features - phase, ramp rates, runtime
    • Which devices should I expect not to see identified today ?

All subject to the caveat that this info would be out-of-date with Sense’s next breakthrough.


What is the total install base of Sense? How many EVs, toasters and other items have been discovered per home? Solar installs and production as a total.

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Hopefully because someone in the Mgmt team is Dutch :slight_smile:

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What is the process once the monitor thinks it see a new device? Get detailed in the process so all of these wonderful brains can possibly help improve the process for everyone (without giving out your secrets of course.)


Can you share any statistics about discovered devices, like how many in each category have been discovered. What are the best discoverable brands (assuming most people fill this out), etc.

Other statistics that would be useful are # of sense users per state (can be in things like 0-500, 500-1000, etc.).


Will the determination in questions addressed be based solely on what the sense teams wants to answer? Or will it also be based on the community?
I’m thinking number if likes


There are just some topics we cannot publicly discuss. There’s also some questions that we wouldn’t be able to provide a suitable answer to in a short timeframe, but for those there is the possibility of longer form content where we answer the question at a later date.

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Why do devices that I have identified from the newly recognized, but still unknown, and fully registered under the Device Management window, and then watch recorded for quite a while, at some later point become lost as an individual device that I can track, and slide into the “Other” category?


How nervous were you about whether the product would be feasible early on, and was there a ‘breakthrough’ point at which you realized it could actually work?

Follow up to this: Do you think there are more ‘big gains’ to be made, or is it slow incremental progress from here on out?

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Currently there has been great integration with smart products like those offered by TP-Link. Can we look forward to smart lights, plugs, receptacles and other devices with even higher levels of integration? I’m thinking co-branded Sense smart products?
(Might have to ditch the orange for a neutral color for the wife to allow within sight)

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Not a question, but a request … I would like a very simple, low cpu using, 2 data-field display for the MacOS menu bar that displays 1) total power being used and 2) total power being generated. It only needs to update every 10 or 30 seconds and should look something like iStat Menu’s data. Also, I would like it by Friday :wink:


Also, please integrate with Lutron Caseta :wink:

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You should submit this to the Product Wishlist subforum. I like this idea too — and am currently daydreaming of a macOS widget like Monit, but for Sense — but curious what other users think.

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I think these are the types of things that the community would be happy to develop on their own and not require Sense resources… if there was a public API!


@kevin1 @dukedave @oshawapilot I have some answers for you.

Check out the first AskSense vid! So much for 5 minutes…the questions you ask are too good!

Smart plugs and device detection

Nice video guys!

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I’m collecting questions for April, so ask away!

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Awesome, send my thanks to the team @RyanAtSense!


Why does Sense only detect one leg of a device? Or show the wattage from one leg even if both of a device have been detected?

On 240 device, the electricity comes near equally from both legs but sense commonly only see one side. Sometimes later (not always) it will detect the other leg as a different device.


That’s a great question.

Keep them coming, guys!