Heater was detected great, now adding other stuff with it. Any way to fix?

i had a heater for a fish tank that was found and working great, it pulls about 370w, on 45 minutes then off about the same. it has been that way forever. (i have aquarium controllers with logging and data i can verify with) The problem was it was missing days, or hours and hours, then the worst part it tacked something else into the heater. it has been like this all January, I deleted the device, and it came back just exactly like i was trying to get rid of. Does anyone have any ideas or tips ??
I put the heater on a kp115 just to make sure it wasn’t going bad, and nope, looks perfect. If i join the devices, then the wrong data and graphs are put into the plug data. Plus i never had intensions to permanently monitor the heater with a plug. I wanted it for a traveling plug, to test different areas.

i have attached a good graph, and a bad graph.

I moved my kp115 to the hot water recirculator, and have a clamp on my hot water heater.
I have had the recirculator off for a few weeks, should be interesting to compare the electricity needed for the water heater with it on vs off.
(the missing data, time on and total time, will complicate this though)

not sure there will be a fix for the heater detection, so on to the next thing. i removed the plug,then added it, to clear the data