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For those of us with many smartplug devices, our “bubble display” is getting quite crowded. It would be nice if a feature existed to hide any smartplug devices that are in an idle state. Perhaps the idle usage of these devices could be aggregated with the “always on” bubble, and tapping that bubble could display a more detailed breakdown of the components of the total. This would save screen real estate by only displaying active devices.


I think an issue could be the idle level.
I had a 12 year old TV that could use 17W in idle/standby mode.
I also had an amp about that old that used a few Watts in standby mode.

All new electronics (TVs, amps, DVD/Blu-ray etc) devices are supposed to use less than 1W in idle.
Some, like Tivos/DVRs, may not drop that low at idle. There are also eco settings and smart wake modes that use a little more power at idle.

In the long run, sense should be able to work out a sensible idle level and do as you ask above.

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I think that algorithm is already in place and is working pretty well. You’ll notice an “idle” tag for smartplug devices that are not in use and have been deemed to have an idle state. This is used to determine the contribution of the smartplug devices to the “always on” value. By my understanding, this request is just a UI change.

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I like the ideas… Many of my Smartplug bubbles range from 1-10W, but take up the same real estate as 50W. Maybe roll all the small potatoes Smartplug small constant loads (under 15W) and Idles into an Identified Always On bubble.

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I have a couple of things that draw exactly 2 watts ( :wink: ) these devices make me hopeful this is on the road map. Just a hunch.


Although I appreciate the idea, I’d suggest maybe a new “Idle” bubble versus lumping things back into the “Always On” bubble…which IMHO negates a lot lot of the entire reasoning many people are using smartplugs to begin with. :wink:

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Not other, but always on. After all, that’s what the idle portion of the smartplug loads is by nature.

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Whatever the solution, I’d like it to be selectable… my daughter’s older TV is idle at 3W… if she leaves it on and leaves the house, I remotely turn it off and back on (TV remains in 3W standby)
I want to know the TV is plugged into that same plug and not moved to another plug or if she bypassed the smart plug altogether.
We have a very large family through adoption. Things change rapidly at our house as they grow… my wife and one daughter could care less about where things are plugged in. lol


I meant to say always on (edited), actually, but yes, I see the point.


Gotcha. Well, I think a “consolidate always-on” slider would be a great thing to have in the options arsenal.

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I’ve written about this elsewhere on the forum, but we’re looking at making some Always On revisions in the future. The smart plug integration has definitely raised some questions about how Always On works and we’re doing some deep thinking now on how it can best be refined.

Check out: With Smart Plugs, what becomes of Always On

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