How about fixing the app?

Please fix the app so we can manually identify our loads and label them.
I am still waiting for Sense to do it.
This is a better way to build a database of verified loads from users.

Not really about “fixing” the app. It’s about improving how Sense learns, which is back at the server mothership at Sense. Suggest you read this so you have better background:

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Your Server is not identifying current loads in my house.
If it were, I would not request a way for me to identify loads myself.
Please change the app so the user has more input using Sense.
I spent a significant amount of money on this device and it is not performing as promised.

Please read the thread that @kevin1 linked. It goes into the limitations of this approach in great detail.

And please note that he does not work for Sense. He is a volunteer moderator on these forums.

If you haven’t already, reach out to our Support team. There are a variety of relatively simple issues that can inhibit Sense’s ability to find devices in your home, and Support can help diagnose.

If you’d like to discuss this further, use this thread: Discussion: Why can't I train my sense?

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First off - it’s not my server. I’m just a user like you, though I’ve had a couple years experience with Sense. You don’t say how long you have had your Sense installed, but that is helpful to know, even though detection times can vary widely depending on individual homes and devices in each home. And you’ll discover that you do have a way to supply input once Sense starts recognizing patterns in your house.

I still recommend you read the link I pointed you to. Many people have the same request you do. The link explains why you are asking for something that is less effective than what Sense is doing right now…

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