How are you?

@ixu I thought Sugarfish was hosting games of four square when I first saw that photo.

@kevin1 It seems as long as there’s internet, millennials are transitioning well into a mandatory stay-at-home quarantine. I’ve been meaning to put everything in my desk area (monitors, speakers, etc.) on a KASA Smart Plug. Maybe it’s time.

@ramon great board game collection. I have Catan and Risk and both are getting old quickly.


At some point your closet clearly gained sentience and became a game in itself.

I’m getting heavy Myst vibes from @kevin1’s garden. Not sure where that leads in the world of fantasy games other than fantasy-games-based-on-kevins-garden so a Steam sim should be relatively easy if the family braintrust, which I’m sure can come up with the ability to do LiDAR scanning, sends you a few models to get things going. For the role-playing aspects I’d love to see disdyakis triacontahedron “DeviceDice”.


@ixu Oh yeah, especially that bottom section with the kids games. It’s like Jenga!

@JustinAtSense If you’re looking for something new: Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and Splendor are good 2 player games that scale up to 4 players pretty well. They are easy to learn too.