How many installs, approximately?


I’ll have to look at mine, I wonder if M is a model iteration. Someone mentioned a flashing light on theirs recently, which I don’t believe mine has.


I understand and share the concern, but more relevant than the number of devices installed is the actual number of devices identified. After 3 weeks, Sense has identified 15 devices in my home, including a number of the “biggies” including the heat pump, water heater, clothes dryer and fridge. It has not found the electric range (which we do not use much) or the Clipper Creek electric car charger (which they may not have seen before?).

Has Sense not found the significant energy users in your home?


After 8 months my Sense has found the garage door opener, the water heater, the dryer, device and motor unknown. Not so good at this location! The solar appears spot on but took weeks to get right and the Sense staff never shared how they solved the problem or even what the problem was. Appears to me their automation still requires a heavy dose of human.


Sense has not found the following at my home (among others) after 5 months or so:

None of the PCs of which there are three; 1 of two color laser printers; no lighting within or outside home nor shop; 1500w in-wall electric heater in tack room; 3hp well pump12 gpm; 7.5hp air compressor; 5hp shop central dust collection; 3 strip electrical resistance heating backup to 5ton heat pump (has found heat pump itself, but not the variable speed fan); freezer; neither 60+ inch plasma tvs; Yamaha 200w sound bar; microwave; convection oven; kitchen cooking fan; and several tools and devices which are only operated episodically as I work through a wood working project.

The devices Sense has found include:

Bosch refrigerator; Liebherr refrigerator; Bosch clothes dryer; Carrier heat pump; coffee maker; garage and barn overhead doors;irrigation pump; 1 laser printer; Miele range and warming oven; 80 gal water heater; and an as yet unidentified Heat5.



Sense hasn’t found much the past few months… an extra fridge, which we don’t have, a light, another unidentified heat, and that’s about it. 20 devices total; most of the large demand items mentioned in the 11/17 post remain unidentified. I’m nearly 3/4 ‘always on’ and ‘other’, so my main costs and savings opportunities remain unidentified after more than a year.


Have you reached out to support? If so what is their take?


I quit reaching out six months or so ago. At this point sense does its thing, and a few devices are interesting to track and even consider ways to economize. Mostly the install at my home is a curiosity, not a utility I can rely on. I’m not sold on this implementation of machine learning. At this point, however, there’s no harm in waiting indefinitely for a more robust analytical framework.


Do you have a noisy device that is blocking detection for other devices? I had Sense installed in February and device detection has gotten much better over time. Support has really been helpful for stubborn devices and now the “other” category accounts for less than 20% of my usage.


How would I know? Maybe, I guess


If you reach out to Support, they can better advise. You might also want to try out the new smart plug integration to whittle down that Always On list.


I wasn’t looking for a research project nor a beta device when I installed sense. I’m not now either. I have neither the time nor the aptitude… The most I’m willing to do is when sense finds a new device I’ll try to pin it down and give it a name/location. Many of the IDs don’t enable one to do this, however. I’m glad I have it, but it remains in development for the most part, it seems to me. Good luck to the company, I hope there’s a v2 coming soon.