How many Sense users have both EVs and Solar Arrays?


Yeah, with EVs eventually making up 20-40% of energy usage, we need this capability. I would take the cop-out of an additional CT clamp if necessary. I know the data scientist doesn’t want to hear that and I have patience for them to find a solution. We are retired too and love the zappi charger’s ability to turn itself off while we dry clothes or clouds roll by. We don’t have net metering, so it saves us about $25 a month plus the fact that we know we really ARE charging from sunshine. We had charged 60,000 miles on a 110V outlet before. Now Sense has helped us monitor just how well the zappi charger is helping even if it is in the “other” category. It’s brutally hot down south now. Our June power bill was $32. Two big things about that statement. 1) We pay .11 cents per kWh for our electricity and only get .045 cents for what we sell. 2) That bill includes 70%+ of of our driving too. Using Sense and the zappi is a big deal in the long term picture. Could easily save us $4,000-$5,000 over the life of our solar array. And it cost $15/mo for the privilege to be connected to the grid, so really June was $17 with EV miles and being paid wholesale for solar sold on a 6kWp array.


Does your EVSE support TOU? I know eMotorwerks and MyEnergi do along with great solar tools.


I have Tesla High Power Wall Connectors. I set each car to only charge during off-peak hours, so I guess I have TOU smart chargers built into the cars. Daytime solar is better used offsetting my peak TOU usage.
BTW - I’m aware or eMetrowerks and like what they offer but don’t need right now.


I have one more concern with monitoring our solar.

The Sense system might require that I connect my unit to the Solar Sub panel which is shared by car charger and deep well pump both use 4KW while running.

From listening to various news sources here on the Sense forum, I found that there is very little ability to actually detect my car charger or the deep well pump.

This means there is very little reason for me to add a special connection to my solar sub panel as it will probably only show me what I already see from the main panel.

Just thought Sense should know why I am not monitoring my Solar Panel directly.

Carol :slightly_frowning_face:


Definitely an issue detecting EVs but well pumps not so much. How long have you been monitoring? My well showed up about 30 days in and is very consistent. My EV is still not detected.


I’ll likely be adding my solar to a sub panel on a detached garage… So I’ll have issues with monitoring solar too. But I’m months away from this problem.


2017 nissan leaf 30kwh batt 6.6kw charger EVSE is openevse brand 80 amp capable with Wifi. 3.4kw canadian solar panels solaredge inverter. Smartthings mesh router with 34 devices. Located NE Ohio on lake Erie.